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Nora said it was too hot to cook – I agree, so we ate salmon, browned Yukon gold potatoes, and choy mieu with shiitake mushrooms from the other day.

This is all top of the stove cooking. Our favorite way to fix salmon is to pan grill it and season it with Penzey’s Fox Point Seasoning when I flip it, then top it with lemon or lime juice. The potatoes are cooked most of the way in the microwave, then “cracked” and browned in a little olive oil. I saw the choy mieu at the market, and it was new to me, but so cute I just had to try it. I sautéd some shallots and garlic with the mushrooms, added the choy with just a little water for steam, covered and cooked until just done, then topped it with oyster sauce and a drizzle of sesame oil. This is definitely something I would repeat.

I’ve been sticking with 10 Minutes a Day quite well and only missed one day on the trip. I’m beginning to wonder if half of the merino/silk will actually fit on one bobbin – it seems to be filling up pretty fast.

A stroll around the yard

A stroll around the yard

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Knitter, designer, tech editor, spinner sharing a home in the Missouri Ozarks with my husband (53 years and counting), 1 dog, 2 cats, and way too much stash!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. We did end of with the “eating out” card last night, but your meal sounds delish. I love salmon and we have it once a week. Your purple coneflowers are lovely and so is the daylily.

  2. We like the Fox Point seasoning too… of course it’s near to our heart, since Fox Point is just up the hill and over the bridge.

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