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Still catching up!


Lately, I’ve been searching for summer squash recipes, and found a couple of keepers. squash sauteSautéed Baby Squash with Basil & Feta – I had small, but not baby pattypan squash, so I cut a white one and a yellow one into wedges and sautéed them until lightly colored on each side (this pretty much eliminated the excess moisture I get with most squash preps), subbed green onions for the leeks, cut up a couple of Roma tomatoes, and totally forgot to add the cheese, but it was yummy and will certainly be repeated. Sweet peppers would be good in this too!

squash skilletAnother keeper was Skillet Mexican Zucchini – the original recipe is meatless, but I sautéed strips of chicken breast (cleaning out the freezer), then added them at practically the last minute. I skipped the pickled jalapenos, and I’m not sure if I remembered the cheese, but I did stir in some sofrito and chili powder with the garlic and onions, which gave it a bit of zing.

Yellow pattypan squash.

Yellow pattypan squash.

Volunteer butternut squash.

Volunteer butternut squash.

Since there are more squash in the garden, these may get replayed soon 😛


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2 thoughts on “Still catching up!

  1. I’m going to give your recipe suggestions a try! Squash is easily dressed up and tastes better the more goodies you add. Your garden looks marvelous!

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