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Eventful trip


It was great to see our daughters and their families last week, but the trip definitely qualified as TME (Too Much Excitement) for a while there!

We started out in Kansas at daughter Di’s house. Tuesday morning, we went out to look at the 3 bluebird houses she checks on (this one has babies in it, the other 2 are currently empty), then we went for a walk on the trail that runs behind the houses with Toby and Daisy (labradoodle). Toby got loose, ran down to the creek and wouldn’t come (too scary – must work on that recall), so we were all hunting and calling. Di ran into one of the local police officers who lives in the subdivision and told him what was going on. He came to see if we’d had any luck about the same time that Toby found us. As Toby had ditched his leash and harness*, Officer D offered us a ride back to the house, which was most welcome!

Fortunately the rest of the trip was considerably more peaceful. Back in Missouri at daughter Mary’s house, we kicked back for a bit, then helped out with a couple of projects (new lighting in the basement, and sorting through Mary’s fabric stash).

Toby really seemed to enjoy the deck, and playing with Stella & Walter, the resident poodles, seen here helping with the housework.

Relaxing on the deck

Relaxing on the deck

Stella & Walter helping out

Stella & Walter helping out

Here’s a photo from our yarn cruise – I thought this was a lovely display at Stitch Knitch, and do notice the nice wing chairs πŸ˜‰

Stitch Knitch in North Kansas City

Stitch Knitch in North Kansas City

*ETA: He still had his collar and tags, plus he’s micro-chipped.


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2 thoughts on “Eventful trip

  1. How frightening to lose Toby. I bet he was a happy pup to see you. That yarn shop looks yummy. Did you make it out without buying anything??? If so, can I have your secret?

  2. I keep trying to email…and it bounces 😦
    Glad you had a good trip though!

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