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Off & running …

or at least sort of πŸ˜‰ This weekend is the 250th anniversary of the founding of our nearest town, and I’ll be KIPing (in costume) at the Courthouse both Saturday and Sunday. I’ve packed a variety of projects – a lace edging, facecloth, sock and a mitten. I’ll try to get some photos.

All the yarns in the basket have been worked up, and they were all lovely. Here are a couple of the yarn doodlings

Panda Silk

Panda Silk

Sweet Georgia Cashsilk

Sweet Georgia Cashsilk

Yesterday I was looking for some straight needles (well-hidden as they so rarely get used!); Look what I found while digging in a box of old knitting stuff – wow!!!pastThe shaded sweater actually caught my eye first, but the 2nd one is also an Elizabeth Zimmermann design, though in 1960, Woman’s Day obviously wasn’t into giving designers credit. Mom must have ordered the booklet, and also saved the pictures from the magazine. There are more goodies in the box that I need to investigate later.

Found this in the yard this afternoon (right before it was mowed) – there was 1 small clump/plant that was mostly 5-leafed ones, though I never saw one quite like this before. cloverAnd this was the first thing I saw when I went out on the deck yesterday morning – big surprise! I’d prefer it stay off the deck, but I’m happy to have it doing rodent patrol in the yard.

Black rat snake; usually just called a black snake

Black rat snake; usually just called a black snake

Guess I need to quit procrastinating and finish packing!



Some knitting and stash enhancement …

Last weekend, Cindy and I met and went to the World’s Smallest Craft show, which included Rachel’s Dyeabolical Yarn. Of course we each came away with some yarn, need you ask?

New yarn

Since I had recently (Friday night) finished a pair of socks to wear on Saturday,

I had a set of lonesome sock needles, so it didn’t take long for me to wind a skein of yarn and start a new sock. Due to time in the car, it’s coming along quite quickly.

Dyeabolical Merino Sock; color, Themyscira.

Some very nice alpaca also followed me home, and I’ve been playing with a different shaping. I’m not sure yet if this is going to do what I want it to, but time will tell. I have found that I need to pay attention each time the pattern gets wider.

After our yarn stops, we had lunch and did a few more things, before we had to head for home (sadly much too soon!), but with plans for more fun at a later date.

So far we’ve escaped the frost, and things are still growing. Since it cooled off a bit and rained, there are new tomatoes on the plants, and I’m hoping that at least some of them will ripen. The flowers are also still blooming.

Nasturtiums & marigolds.

Toby’s usually pretty camera-shy, but I caught him in mid-run the other day (he may have 1 foot on the ground). πŸ™‚

High-speed Toby.


Friends & fibers …

As Cindy mentioned, after many emails and several tries (between schedule conflicts and her ailing car) we finally had the chance to get together last Saturday, and what a great day – we could barely stop talking long enough to eat! It was such fun, and I simply cannot wait to do it again πŸ™‚

If you haven’t checked out Cupcake Fiber Co’s goodies, you really should! I was lost when Joan put up some gorgeous blue/green fluff (ask Cindy – I’m magnetically attracted to blue/teal/green) and found this in my mailbox when I got home on Saturday. The packaging alone is so clever and the fluff inside is beautifully prepared and wonderful! (At least on my screen, the color in the first picture is more accurate.)

The box.

Blue-faced Leicester/nylon blend.

After several unsuccessful tries to find a particular color of Zauberball Crazy locally, I ordered from Webs, who had not only the one I wanted but another blue/green as well, so these also came on Saturday. I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to get these all spun/knit, but at least I won’t run out any time soon πŸ˜‰ The Zauberball colors will probably become shawls/stoles, the fluff hasn’t yet told me what it wants to be.

Zauberball Crazy #2133

Zauberball Crazy #2085


Odds & ends …

of leftover sock yarn make a fun modularΒ  scarf! It was one of those “potato chip” projects – I could never stop with just 1 block*. I kept wanting to see what the colors would do next.

Details: Sock weight yarn, 25-st modules; applied I-cord edging worked after the scarf was completed.

Toby enjoys hanging out on the deck, keeping watch over his domain πŸ˜‰

*ETA: The scarf is all self-striping sock yarn (3 or more blocks per color), blocks and I-cord edging were picked up and knitted onto the previous block(s). I-cord edging ends were grafted together at the end.


More flowers

I found more than enough flowers for one post the other day, so here are some more.

Hosta; coneflower; hosta; bellflower; blackberries; ?; monarda; petunias; phlox.

Rachel at Dyeabolical posted some sock blanks she’d been dyeing the other day, and I couldn’t resist a couple of them. They just came in the mail; so far I’m just enjoying the colors in their neat little rolls. Things are a bit hectic here, so don’t know when I’ll have a chance to start knitting either of them πŸ˜‰

The other side up.


New goodies

Since I liked my first set of interchangeable needles so much, when HiyaHiya came out with bamboo tips, I just had to get a set of those too. It doesn’t hurt either, that their cases are SO neat! The tips come in 2 lengths and I found that the 5″ ones are long enough that they don’t make my hands hurt like shorter ones do.

Bamboo interchangeables.

I also came home from TNNA with some neat yarns to sample.

Shetland yarn.

I found this little guy on one of my plants the other day – I think there could be a neat colorway there πŸ™‚

Tiny toad in heuchera leaf.


Playing with yarn again …

is fun! All it takes is some interesting new-to-me yarns, and to sit down with a few of my stitch dictionaries, and I get all sorts of ideas. If I’m lucky, at least a few of them will actually be something when they grow up πŸ˜‰The swatch in the lower right corner is actually just 1 yarn – I thought the way the colors worked out was interesting. The 2 on the left are 2 sides of the same stitch pattern.

A little glitz.

Maybe something a bit dressy.


I recently did a stealth project (to be revealed later) that used sock weight yarn at about a worsted gauge and liked it so much, I decided to play with the idea some more.

We’ve had a bunch of storms in the Midwest which have caused a lot of damage and heartbreak. So far our area has been very lucky, but please keep those who haven’t been as fortunate in your thoughts and prayers!

After the storm.



There are a few plants under a light in the basement, and I’ve had a bad habit lately of forgetting that the poor things are down there. I was really surprised the other day when I went down for something else and found this (and there’s a 2nd bud stalk on it that’s just starting to show some color):

I mentioned that some stash enhancement happened on Saturday at the fiber gathering – here are the goodies I got from Rachel. The blues are the same colorway as the BFL top I’ve been spinning. She said Cindy & I picked the exact same BFL/silk top – I can’t wait to see what we each decide to do with it. πŸ™‚

Sock yarn

Blue-faced Leicester/tussah silk top

And the 2nd sock of my current pair is coming along nicely. I’d like to finish it so I can play with my new sock yarn, besides there seems to be a wearing-out epidemic happening in my sock supply!

Berroco Sock, color #1453.