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Sort of fall …

although the temperatures haven’t quite caught up with the calendar. I caught a glimpse of purple from the car this afternoon and went to check, expecting asters (it’s fall, there should be purple asters, right?), but instead found an unusually large clump of ironweed, with a swallowtail bonus. I love the way the sunlight casts shadows of the flowers on its wings in the 3rd photo!

And while I was playing with the light, I happened to see some milkweed fluff and red berries too.

On the construction front, the broiler will finally light properly (as in, without a loud POOF that blows the oven doors open) – yay! Haven’t tried it out yet (just the oven, which was OK) but it’s nice to know it will work now.

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Wild(life) and wonderful!

Quite a bit of wildlife lately, all on a very small scale …

And a very nice package in the mail from Needle Arts Book Shop – Marsha’s delightful to deal with and she sends such nice packages! I ordered another Japanese pattern book, and 3 books by Annie Maloney, which have lots of charts and fun illustrations. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and go through them in depth yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

On the construction front, looking through photos from about a year ago (no siding, drywall, flooring, etc), we really are making progress! Earlier this week the flooring folks fixed a major buckle in the hardwood floor and replaced some split boards (they must not look as they’re putting them down?); today the new bed was delivered; the broiler is supposed to be fixed tomorrow so that it will light correctly – fingers crossed on that one! Maybe it will get finished one of these days πŸ™‚


A mixed bag

Help, I’ve fallen off the blogging-wagon and it’s really hard to get back on! πŸ˜‰ Since I got back from Knitting Camp (which was a blast as usual) it seems like things have been flipping back and forth between busy and totally crazy.

Some progress on The Project – now there are shelves in my office/studio closet (though they have to come back out to be stained/sealed), but what seemed like it an awkward corner turned out to be perfect for spinning wheel storage. I also got my Jensen double-treadle wheel out of storage and gave her a good cleaning and oilingΒ  – isn’t she gorgeous? Still spins beautifully too. I think this corner may be her permanent home, but not sure about that yet.

In the crazy weather department, we heard a very loud boom one day, the power blinked off briefly, so only thought was “gee, that was close!” Later when Toby & I went for a walk I saw how close – it split a big cedar tree just a couple hundred feet down the road from the house – whew!

The one hot pepper I planted plant (tag says it’s a cowhorn cayenne) has been growing like mad – almost like a zucchini. We’ve even given some away.

One of our daughters & her family came over shortly after Camp, and we put our son-in-law to work helping cook dinner to break in the new kitchen. Mary & I moved stuff from the old pantry into the new one (and I can actually find most of it) so good progress there!


A mixed bag …

The good news is that the pantry is coming along nicely – the shelves are finished and installed. Once we’re actually in the space, I’m sure they’ll fill quickly and it will be much easier to see what’s actually there πŸ™‚ The bad news is that my swift fell yesterday and broke some ties (I knew I was going to need to redo those sometime) and a rib. The rib’s been glued, and I’m really hoping it will hold! As far as I can tell, Gallagher Tools is no longer around, and most of the newer swifts I’ve seen have plastic parts instead of being all wood like this one.

Glued, clamped and fingers crossed!

I’ve always been very careful about going outside in the winter to take photos, then bringing a cold camera back into the warm house (seal it up in a plastic bag outside so it won’t fog up), but didn’t think about taking one from the air conditioning out into the mugg we’re currently experiencing – oops! Interesting, but NOT what I intended.


The opposite of TMI …

Would that be Not Enough Information? My last post was done a bit late in the evening and I was definitely NOT at my scintillating best πŸ˜‰

I fill the drip waterer jug through the regular opening, screw the cap on and it won’t drip until it’s turned upside down in the planter. As the water seeps out, the jug may (or may not) collapse – I seem to have 1 that collapses, and 1 that doesn’t. Anyway, so far I’ve been very pleased with the results, especially since I reduced the number of holes from 8 (too much) to 4 or 5 (just about right).

We’re making progress on The Project! A lot of it is down to the small stuff that doesn’t look like much is happening, but it IS moving along. Most of the molding (crown and base) is done and either painted or stained respectively, and we’ve been working on the pantry, which now has a back-up fridge, a freezer and shelves. πŸ™‚

All of my current knitting is of the unbloggable variety, but I finally decided to go for a set of interchangeable needles. I found out that the lace-point tips were shorter than I can comfortably use, so ordered the smaller set (Sizes 2-8) of Hiya-Hiya needles with the 5″ tips – so far, I’m really liking them!


Catching up …

or at least maybe I’m gaining on it!

My trip to TNNA in Columbus went much better this year–no storms in Texas, so there were no flight delays, or sitting in airports for hours πŸ™‚ I got to see friends and meet some neat new people. I met Debbie Macomber, who was there representing her yarn line for Universal Yarns …

She had a photo of her yarn shop, which is located on the corner of a neat gray Victorian, with an ice cream shop (dangerous!) next door, and her office is in the tower above the yarn shop.

There was lots of lovely yarn in many colors (a few samples followed me home), several interesting contacts, all-in-all a good trip.

I feel like I’ve been running ever since I got back, but a couple of deadlines have been met, I just finished one stealth project and started another.

It cooled off a bit the last couple of days, so when I was looking for a place to wind some yarn, the sawhorses on the deck were just the thing. As you can see in the background, the a/c compressor has finally moved out of the basement and onto its own pad – hooray for progress!



There are daylilies in bloom, which I love, a gorgeous raspberry-colored wild milkweed, and some hot peppers.

And what we hope is just about the last of the concrete – Monday, they poured the pad for the a/c compressor that’s been sitting in the basement all winter, and one more pier under the deck – progress is good πŸ™‚


It’s been …

a quiet week … no, that’s not the right line. Things have been relatively peaceful, maybe too quiet, as we haven’t been able to get any response on a couple of issues with The Project, like missing screens on one of the gutters (now plugged, so it overflows every time it rains), and a new broiler that simply won’t light. Otherwise, things are moving along nicely, so maybe one of these days, we might be able to move in πŸ™‚

Toby visited the groomer yesterday and came home and enjoyed the deck.

Amber, up close and very personal (closeup setting on my Sony Cybershot) – she hops up on my lap when I’m at the computer, watches the screen, then reaches out and puts her large, furry paw on the keyboard, usually the space bar, but she occasionally hits the Alt key too. So helpful!