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Looking forward and back

Looking forward to a new sweater that’s coming along nicely, even though I can’t get the color to come out correctly (it’s really a dark forest green).

Sweater back.

It’s going to be a cardigan, so I can wear it more than if it were a pullover (ahem!). Of course this means that I’ve got to find buttons for it!

I was looking back through construction photos from the last couple of years—it’s fun to see how far we’ve come. These were taken in November of 2009. The 2nd one was just before they started pouring the front porch and ramp; you can see the forms for the steps, too.

Deck; November 2009.

Not yet a front porch; November 2011.

We had a lovely sunset last Saturday evening!

Last Saturday.



Finally …

I think we’re hitting the end of the house project—at least the building part of it. Our most excellent Cabinet Guy installed what should be the last 2 cabinets above the washer and dryer in the laundry/utility room. Now if only I could figure out where I put the rest of the shelf liner (I did a really good job of putting it away!), I’d be able to start putting stuff in them.  Of course we’ll probably be moving stuff around and rearranging furniture practically forever!

One day when we were going somewhere, I spotted this guy on the side of the garage. Wouldn’t those colors be great for a Fair Isle sweater 🙂

Inspiration for a colorway?


More progress

We’ve had more progress around here—the lattice is up under the deck

… and the new dog fence was finished (right after Toby turned into Houdini-dog and went adventuring Monday morning, which ended in his needing a bath, as he found a muddy pond to wade in).

New dog fence 🙂

Spring is mostly sticking around, though if I had a choice, I’d vote for fewer storms, which seem to visiting much too regularly.

Mayapple bud.


Sensitive fern.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, whatever you’re celebrating!


More progress

October 2010

Last October we were pretty happy that the yard looked like this, in place of the pile of fill dirt that had been sitting out there for a long time, but now it’s even better, and getting greener practically every day.

March 2011

Once we get a long enough dry spell, there will be a new fence starting under the deck, and running over to the fence that’s off the left side of the photo, and Toby will be able to go in and out from the deck. I’m really looking forward to that! 😉

Evening sky.


Green haze

The yard is finally starting to look like something besides a pile of construction dirt. There’s grass growing, though we’ve had to do a lot of watering due to lack of rain. It’s great to see green!

The sky looked very wintery earlier and it’s supposed to turn colder, so a batch of black bean soup (recipe from Daisy Cooks!) was tasty and warming.


Dear Blog …

I’m sorry you’ve been neglected – things have just been so hectic around here, but I’ll try to do better.

We’ve been moving into the new space, a bit here and another bit there. I’m glad we can do it that way, without having to pack up everything and totally relocate <mumble> years of accumulation!

One of the really neat things was having company come from Wisconsin for a few days. We “did” St. Louis on Friday, lunch at McGurk’s Irish pub, the Arch, the Hill and of course, Ted Drewes for frozen custard. On Saturday, the guys stayed home and played out in the shop, while Diane & I did a mini yarn crawl and checked out the state park north of us.

Sunday, while the guys watched football 😉 we moved my knitting library into one of the new bookcases. I think there are still a few books hiding somewhere, but we got most of them, and it was fantastic to have help and girl time! We hated to see them leave on Monday, and it certainly looked like Toby and Amber were looking for them after they went home.


Moving …


Yesterday we moved the fridge from the old kitchen to the new kitchen. When we called someone about moving it, he said so how about this afternoon? Eek – mad scramble time! We had already moved the rest of the food to the new pantry, so I guess I need to get the rest of the kitchen relocated as well – right now, it’s a bit of a commute from the old kitchen!

and after.

Then today the bookshelves for my office were delivered (happy dance!). So far I’m resisting the urge to start moving books until I’m sure they’re in just the right places 🙂