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A different view

of the sky. Usually the best evening views are to the west, but today the pretty clouds were to the north and east.





While I was out checking the clouds, I think Toby was looking (without success) for a rabbit to chase. This whole mass started from 1 or 2 forsythias that just didn’t know when to quit 😉

Toby & the "forsythia jungle"

I had a really fun day, hanging out at Hearthstone Knits in St Louis – I need to get out with other knitters more often!


How many ways …

are there to say this & that or bits & pieces? I’ve always gotten a kick out of the section in Barbara Walker’s Charted Knitting that she called “Uncharted Miscellany.” Anyhow, there’s been a lot of miscellaneous around here lately.

We’re still on a weather roller coaster, mostly warmer that normal, with the odd shot of colder weather. Lots of things are coming up and I just hope they don’t all get nipped by a big freeze!


I found this little clump of snowdrops at least 3 feet from the original clump, and I’m delighted they seem to be spreading! The flowering quince is also loaded with buds, and the variegated thyme is a delightful color; last summer, it was just green with white margins).

Quince buds.

Variegated thyme.

And the day ended with a really beautiful sky …

Sunset 2/21/2012


Good morning moon!

Last Saturday’s full moon is looking a bit smaller, but it was still beautiful this morning.

There’s still a baking frenzy – some samples:

Cranberry/orange/nut bread.

Dundee Cake.

The Dundee Cake (which is fruitcake) took what seemed like forever to bake – next time, I’ll split it up into more pans! The little cookbook was a long ago gift, and there are several favorite recipes in it.

Chocolate chip cookies.

And the inevitable result of all this …

And 1 more bit of decor … after several years of minimal decorating, I’m having a lot of fun this year.

The little tree.

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Looking forward and back

Looking forward to a new sweater that’s coming along nicely, even though I can’t get the color to come out correctly (it’s really a dark forest green).

Sweater back.

It’s going to be a cardigan, so I can wear it more than if it were a pullover (ahem!). Of course this means that I’ve got to find buttons for it!

I was looking back through construction photos from the last couple of years—it’s fun to see how far we’ve come. These were taken in November of 2009. The 2nd one was just before they started pouring the front porch and ramp; you can see the forms for the steps, too.

Deck; November 2009.

Not yet a front porch; November 2011.

We had a lovely sunset last Saturday evening!

Last Saturday.


Garden’s end (for now)

Since the weather folks kept issuing frost warnings for our area (and freeze warnings not that much farther north of us) I decided to pick everything instead of dealing with covering it again. As you may guess, there was no frost way up here on the hill, even though other areas around us did get some. So apart from sone earlier peppers, yellow pear (salad) tomatoes and a couple of larger tomatoes from the planter, this is what we got from the part of the garden I got planted this year.

The tomatoes are all Brandywine (red and yellow, which I will definitely grow again), the larger sweet peppers are Jimmy Nardello, and the little dish is de Arbol chilis of as yet unknown hotness. While it’s not a large yield, considering how late I got the plants into the ground, I’m happy to have gotten this much. As they say, next year … 😉

Some of the tomatoes are showing enough color I think they’ll ripen, but I still want to make a batch of relish with some of the green ones and the peppers. Meanwhile, I made pepper jelly yesterday. For some reason, my math skills completely deserted me, and I came up 4 jars short of having enough for all the jelly, so the 4 jars on the right (clean, but not sterilized or processed) are in the fridge  (sigh …)

Pepper jelly - the whole batch.

Along with the frost warnings we got cooler weather, perfect for making a big pan of lasagna. We either need to have more company, or put some in the freezer for later – it freezes well.

Ready to go in the oven.


Beautiful clouds today.


Even more like fall!

I’m emerging from a deadline daze (lots of stealth knitting, to be revealed later), and it’s looking very fall-ish here, nice even if the color is somewhat subdued because of the dry spell we’ve been having.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of this view!

Meanwhile, out in front, we have flowers 🙂


Steamy …

in the extreme here! Temperatures in the upper 90’s sure make staying inside to knit all the more appealing. That’s probably a good thing, as I just got 1 deadline project out of here. The yarn for the next one is alpaca and Pima cotton, which I’m looking forward to playing with 🙂

Maggie’s been hanging out with Toby again. I don’t think he’s going to want to spend too much time outside until the neighbors run out of fireworks.

Have a great 4th!