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In Dublin’s Fair City …

October 1, 2007: We saw St. Patrick’s Cathedral, truly awe-inspiring, with memorials to Jonathan Swift, O’Carolan the blind harper and many others, soaring arches, beautiful stained glass … O’Connell Street, and so much color everywhere, from the bridge over the Liffey to vines on brick buildings.

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One Year Ago Today …

I was in Ireland, in Westport County Mayo. In the evening we went to Matt Molloy’s Pub – if you’re familiar with the Chieftains, he’s an important part of the group. We went for the music, and actually saw him there, even though he wasn’t performing – definitely cool!

I went on a knitters’ trip, landing at Shannon, then Galway, a trip to Inish Mor, Donegal, ending in Dublin and had a wonderful time. We were very fortunate with the weather – it hardly rained. Lots of pictures (these are all from Westport), lots of memories πŸ™‚