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Could be worse!

The weather certainly hasn’t cooperated with our construction project, which seems like it has been on hold forever now! Looking at the storms that have missed us, and looking back at what we had last year, it sure could be worse! Our cats don’t normally go out, and once Amber investigated the white stuff, she was more than ready to stay where it’s warm πŸ˜‰

Amber in the snow; 1 year ago.

Amber in the snow; March 2008.

I think there was a haiku thread going around a little while ago. I did a few of them years ago, and it’s been running through my mind lately.

Bluebird perched above,

A small, glowing patch of sky

Sitting on a twig.

Our vet is expecting later this month, and I thought the package of baby things turned out really cute!

I like this package!

I like this package!