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KIPing, gardening and catching up


I was actually KIPing* at the end of the appropriate week for once. Potosi (originally Mine au Breton) celebrated the 250th anniversary of its founding with a big parade, pageant and all sorts of activities, including heritage crafters. We were pretty lucky with our location on the porch of the courthouse, which provided shade as well as shelter from rain – we needed both! I ended up working on a pair of mittens, which is mostly finished, but I suppose I really should go back and finish the 2nd thumb πŸ˜‰knittingThe following weekend was TNNA, which is always both hectic and interesting with all the new yarns to pet. All in all, a good trip (though I’m still catching up with details from it), and I was lucky to leave ahead of the later weather delays!

The garden is coming along nicely, and we have actual teeny-tiny beans on 3 of the 4 varieties I planted; the other variety is blooming, just no beans yet. If they all do well, we could have beans like all the bad zucchini jokes πŸ˜‰beansThe Italian Roma beans are labeled as bush beans, but the more they grow, the more I think they’re not bush, so I recycled an old gate as a trellis for them, just in case.

Supposed-to-be-bush beans

Supposed-to-be-bush beans

And more … I can hardly wait for the fresh veggies πŸ˜›

Sweet Italian peppers

Sweet Italian peppers



Volunteer tomato plants and mystery squash/melon in the old compost pile

Volunteer tomato plants and mystery squash/melon in the old compost pile

Salvia by the deck

Salvia by the deck

*Knitting In Public


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2 thoughts on “KIPing, gardening and catching up

  1. Great picture, girl! And, the garden is looking terrific. I’m with you. Can’t wait for fresh anything!!!!

  2. It’s nice to see everything coming along nicely. Grasshoppers ate my beans. I still have some tomato and pepper plants that seem to be making it.

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