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Running a little behind!


I meant to do a post yesterday, but somehow it just got away from me. I did, however, finish Cat’s Paws & Feathers, which is now on Ravelry. It was really fun to knit, but it sure fought back when it came to getting the color to come out in the photos!

Cat's Paws & Feathers.

Cat’s Paws & Feathers.

The swatch from the last post is turning into a sweater, and going faster than I expected. The back is done, and this is the first front.Β knitting As the sleeves will be somewhere between short and 3/4-length, I’m hoping to have it done fairly soon. I stopped by Hearthstone Knits in St. Louis last weekend, and found the perfect buttons for it too πŸ™‚

We’re still getting a wild mix of weather – after several very warm days and a big thunderstorm the other evening (but not nearly as bad as the 3 tornadoes that went north of us!), we have a frost warning for tonight, but it’s still looking more like spring all the time. The buds are getting bigger on the buckeye, and the hummers usually show up around the time they open.

Buckeye buds.

Buckeye buds.

Maple leaves.

Maple leaves.


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2 thoughts on “Running a little behind!

  1. Love it!!

  2. Lovelovelove the pic. It’s closest to the true color, I think. Mighty chilly this a.m. 33 at my house. Nothing looks burned or hurt by the cold, so I’m hoping we’ve dodged this for the year. I was worried about the quince. Have a wonderful Saturday, dear friend.

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