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Overall, Toby’s not too bad about barking except occasionally when there are other dogs around, or a squirrel …

I'm serious about this!

I’m serious about this!

I know it’s up there … squirrel 1

and there was one, sitting in a crotch in the very thorny locust tree (ouch!), just above the top of the photo, but it didn’t stick around for a close-up! Good find Toby!

I keep forgetting to mention that I’ve added another pattern on Ravelry: this is Madelaine. I really enjoyed knitting it, and love wearing it! Madelaine

The amaryllis is still growing – just under 24″ today amaryllis 0321

and look – there’s color! bud 0321

I’m pretty sure it will be red when it opens, and it looks like there’s more than 1 bud in there πŸ™‚