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Something new!

Joyknits designs now has its own Facebook page for new patterns, published designs and whatever else seems appropriate. My thanks to everyone who’s read promo copy (which doesn’t come easily to me!) and offered encouragement!

Profile photo for Joyknits designs.

Profile photo for Joyknits designs.

And a small teaser of some coming attractions teaser

Our weather’s still on the roller coaster – on Tuesday we had snow, which Toby really enjoys. As cold as it looks, he wasn’t in a big hurry to come in. By the weekend, it’s supposed to be around 60, then rain.toby snow

Then inside today – only someone who lives with a camera-phobic pet will appreciate how hard this was to get; bribery WAS involved. πŸ˜‰

toby 2With the cooler temperatures and some really nice country-style ribs, I couldn’t resist making a big pot of pozole with the ribs, hominy, black beans, tomatoes and southwestern seasonings – yum! And it only gets better after a couple of days in the fridge.pozole 1pozole 2

And finally, an amaryllis update – there’s a lovely chubby bud coming up!

8Β½" and growing!

8Β½” and growing!