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Happy Thanksgiving!

Not as much of the family could make it as last year, but we’ve had a nice day with warmer than usual temperatures for November, so we enjoyed getting outside while it lasts. It’s supposed to get colder overnight.

While the turkey was in the oven, Mary groomed her dogs – I couldn’t believe how well Stella (aka The Great White) just stood to be trimmed.

First Toby & Stella helped Mary load the dishwasher,

then they moved over to the island to help me break down the rest of the turkey, where naturally there were a few small bits of fallout.

Ever hopeful …

After letting dinner settle for a little while, we topped it off with pie.

Chocolate Kahlua Pecan Pie.

Hope your day was good too!

ETA: The pie completely disappeared – it was yummy πŸ˜›


A family & foodie weekend

My brother Bob*, sister-in-law Hiyam and nephew Eric came for a visit last weekend. We had a nice visit, and cooked up a storm! I had already made a big pan of sweet rolls from our grandmother’s recipe (one of those recipes that starts out “1 cup of water, 2 cakes of yeast, and flour to make a sponge …” – it’s in her handwriting!) – fortunately I’ve made it plenty of times, so it makes sense. We had those for breakfast 2 mornings, and there were still a few left.

Muttie’s rolls.

On Saturday, Hiyam treated us to a Lebanese dinner, hummus, and her Mom’s cookies – wow, what a feast! Hiyam brings her Mom’s cookies when we gather at Christmas; they just melt in your mouth and everyone loves them! I didn’t get a good picture of her, and since I want her to keep on speaking to me, I won’t share the only one I took πŸ˜‰


Hiyam’s Mom’s cookies.

While we were cooking, Eric (the family roller coaster fan) went up and played at 6 Flags outside St. Louis, but of course he made it back in time for dinner! His dog Buster (a rescue) stayed home with us.

Eric & Buster.

My brother, Bob & me.

*If you’re into action & adventure/pulp fiction, look up Erwin K. Roberts here, or on Amazon πŸ˜‰