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Wild life

Life gets wild around here sometimes! This isn’t what I usually see when I look at my bird feeders, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if s/he scared away some of the squirrels, which have been a big nuisance lately, between emptying feeders and stealing tomatoes a few days before they’re ripe enough to pick.

Probably red-shouldered hawk.

Then there was the day when the UPS guy told me there was a black snake in the flower bed, which he thought was swallowing a frog (it was actually a huge skink). Naturally by the time I could come up with a camera, the swallowee was down the hatch πŸ˜‰

Who me?

And this afternoon when I came back from an errand there were 2 deer in the field between us and the highway. I think they were probably youngsters, and surprisingly unconcerned when I walked back over, kind of staying as close to cover as possible. They watched me watching them for a bit, then finally had enough and took off.


Time to go!