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Plum Cobbler: Take 2

I thought the previous plum cobbler was a little short on filling, so I tried again with about twice as many plums. It’s a good thing I put the dish on a foil-lined baking sheet!

Plum Cobbler – Take 2

And closer …

Annie suggested turbinado sugar for the top, which I don’t have, so I used Demerara sugar for some crunch instead.

Turns out Annie and I are both working on sweaters from (or in my case, inspired by) Gladys Thompson’s Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans. Go and take a peek at hers, which is made in some really yummy looking handspun! Mine, which I pulled from the UFO pile, is Satakieli from Schoolhouse Press. The body is done, and I’m now working on the first sleeve, so there’s progress! The color in the photo isn’t even close—my beloved greens (this is actually a pretty dark green) do not photograph well 😦

The weather’s been pretty good lately; much cooler, and we’ve been getting rain, which has made the plants much happier. This spring, I planted some scarlet runner beans in a big pot with a wire cage, and they grew a bit, then sulked when it turned hot, even though I kept watering them.

Scarlet Runner Beans

Look what I found hiding in the leaves! I have no idea if it’s still edible, but it looks like would almost feed a small family 😉

And the rosebush is blooming again – I think there are 7 buds this time. This has been the brightest spot in what has otherwise been a rather dismal gardening year 🙂

Prairie Sunrise rose.


Signs of Fall!

There are starting to be red “mittens” on the ground, a sure sign of fall. After such a dry year, I wondered if we’d have any fall color at all, but at least the sassafras tree is putting on a show. The cooler weather has also revved Toby up — he was running big loops in the yard.

I’ve also been doing some baking — the plums looked so good at the store that I ended up making a plum cobbler; it has a biscuit-type topping sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. The only change I’d make would be to use about double the amount of plums; 2½-3 lbs instead of 1½ lbs, which was a bit skimpy.

There was a lovely sky the other evening, not exactly fall-like, but definitely out of the ordinary!

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Wild life

Life gets wild around here sometimes! This isn’t what I usually see when I look at my bird feeders, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if s/he scared away some of the squirrels, which have been a big nuisance lately, between emptying feeders and stealing tomatoes a few days before they’re ripe enough to pick.

Probably red-shouldered hawk.

Then there was the day when the UPS guy told me there was a black snake in the flower bed, which he thought was swallowing a frog (it was actually a huge skink). Naturally by the time I could come up with a camera, the swallowee was down the hatch 😉

Who me?

And this afternoon when I came back from an errand there were 2 deer in the field between us and the highway. I think they were probably youngsters, and surprisingly unconcerned when I walked back over, kind of staying as close to cover as possible. They watched me watching them for a bit, then finally had enough and took off.


Time to go!