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Cindy and I have been trying to get together (again, after meeting once for lunch in St. Louis forever ago), and she was able to come down for a visit on Thursday. Fortunately, other than the heat, the weather cooperated, so she got the full yard and garden tour, as well as the house tour (which H loves to give). Toby was excited to have company, Amber was polite, and shy Maggie even came out to visit. In addition to yummy dog treats for Toby, Cindy brought me a lovely lavender plant, which smells wonderful 🙂

It was such fun, and we visited and compared notes on our stashes of Rachel’s and Joan’s fiber and yarn (she’s got 1 of Joan’s I just may not be able to resist!).

Even more internet connections: Carole had mentioned having salmon with a yummy sounding glaze, and she kindly shared the recipe on Facebook, so my riff on that (balsamic vinegar instead of wine vinegar) was on the menu, plus little Yukon gold potatoes, and dessert was Cappuccino Crunch Bars* which I found a while ago on Noble Pig’s food blog, from which I’ve collected several good recipes. Have I mentioned that the more I use Pepperplate (free), the more I like it? My iPad is becoming my go-to cookbook!

It was over much too quickly as she had to get back and get Grover from doggie day care, but we did get a photo. I can’t wait to get together again!

Cindy, Joy & Toby.

*Recipe mods: I use dark chocolate chips instead of white chocolate as given in the recipe, and go just a bit heavier on the instant coffee and cinnamon.


A little of this, a little of that …

Saturday before last, some of our fiber group came to visit and eat and just spend some fun time together. Glen, who taught me to spin a lot of years ago, has a new lady friend – he brought her along, and we told him he’d brought the entertainment.

Toby and Lady.

Toby especially enjoyed the company. She doesn’t “do” steps yet so when he went down the 3 steps off the deck, she stood at the top and scolded him for leaving her behind 😉

I’ve been playing in the garden a lot, and it’s coming along nicely. All the tomatoes and peppers are planted, the new asparagus (finally!) all came up, and the beans are looking good.

Double row of beans.

Beans (up close)

The bluebirds have been very busy lately – both parents have been making pretty constant food runs to the house at the end of the garden.

Going out for more …

I realized I forgot to show you the 2nd rose I ordered. Prairie Sunrise came with several buds on in and they almost all opened – in addition to the lovely color, it has a wonderful fragrance!

Prairie Sunrise rose.


Timing is all …

The day after I took this photo, the babies all left the nest underneath the deck. I’ve seen the parents since, but not the youngsters.

Four’s definitely a crowd!

Both of the rose bushes I ordered have bloomed – Harison’s Yellow which I’ve wanted for a long time, just had 1 blossom, but it’s putting out lots of little shoots (note the thorns – truly wicked!).

Harison’s Yellow

And an iris – my start came from my Mom’s garden, and may well have come from her parents’ garden. I’ve always heard it called ochroleuca, but evidently it’s actually iris orientalis – anyway, it’s pretty and very hardy!

Iris orientalis (ochroleuca)

Spinners coming tomorrow – can’t wait 🙂



I’m watching you!

There’s a bluebird house just beyond the garden. I haven’t gone very close, but she watches whenever I get over that way – good thing I’ve got a zoom 😉

House wren.

This wren has been singing a lot very close to the house – they’re in a bird house just off the left of the frame.

The toad in the lettuce—the only time I’ve seen him/her bail out is when I got a little carried away watering it, but he’s back.

Now blooming: Peonies and iris – the iris start was given to me by a friend and I don’t have a name for it.

Peony Festiva Maxima.

And more food–corn muffins with cheese (part in the muffins, the rest on top), bacon and sautéed scallions. Yum, but next time I need to use liners in the cups!