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Back to class …

Someone mentioned Kim Klassen’s Skinny-Mini Photoshop Elements class, so I signed up – of course I was in mid-deadline, so now I’m playing catch up, but it’s very interesting. I’ve previously barely scratched the surface and I want to learn to make better use of the program! She’s using Elements 9, but apart from things being in slightly different places, I’m doing OK with my Elements 5.

The Day 4 review project was to take 2 very different photos, add a couple of layers and some text, so here’s my homework πŸ˜‰



Buds on red buckeye

Lots of buds here, and the last few days, flowers have practically exploded!

Crabapple blossoms

Hyacinth City of Haarlem

And besides the real flowers, my design, Honeysuckle is in the current issue of Knitter’s (love the photos!) – it’s 6 clicks on the right arrow to get to it πŸ™‚

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A different view

of the sky. Usually the best evening views are to the west, but today the pretty clouds were to the north and east.





While I was out checking the clouds, I think Toby was looking (without success) for a rabbit to chase. This whole mass started from 1 or 2 forsythias that just didn’t know when to quit πŸ˜‰

Toby & the "forsythia jungle"

I had a really fun day, hanging out at Hearthstone Knits in St Louis – I need to get out with other knitters more often!


The start of something …

yummy for this year’s garden (all heirloom varieties). I also ordered asparagus crowns which I must now get planted!

Peppers - Jimmy Nardello Italian, de Arbol chilis; Tomatoes - yellow Riesentraube (grape-type), pink Brandywine & Dixie Golden Giant.

My 3rd design is now up on Patternfish; I’ve been working through the previously published ones for which I still own the rights. They’re all getting new charts and schematics.

Cabled Hearts Pullover

I haven’t much stir frying lately, but fixed a batch of MaPoTofu yesterday – very tasty (even better the 2nd day); I need to do it more often. The recipe is from Chinese Cuisine, which I got at one of the Asian markets in St. Louis. I like the book, but the recipes assume at least a fair knowledge of how it’s done, so I’m glad I’d watched a lot of episodes of Martin Yan before I tried it.

And of course,Β  a cat photo …


Too bad …

that blogs can’t be scratch-and-sniff, or I could share more than just pictures of this

which turned into this

resulting in the whole house smelling very yummy indeed! What surprised me was that the larger loaf was done in the same length of time as the 2 smaller ones.

We were fortunate that most of the rough weather missed us, even though we got a burst of small hail the other day. In spite of that, there are more daffodils all the time, and the quince buds have started opening πŸ™‚

A different daffodil.

Quince blossom & buds.

ETA:Β We had some with chicken soup for supper. Based on a 2-loaf white bread recipe; subbed some oatmeal and KAF white whole wheat flour, then added bread flour until the dough felt right. Also added ~1/3 cup dry milk with the liquid.