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A nice afternoon

A friend invited another friend and me out to her family’s bison ranch this afternoon. We had a lovely day (most un-February-like!), visiting and walking up by the lake with a canine escort who decided it was a good day for a swim.

Lulu's swimming pool

Last year's milkweed pods.

Young bison.

At home, there are still only these 2 daffodils open, but lots more buds to come!



How many ways …

are there to say this & that or bits & pieces? I’ve always gotten a kick out of the section in Barbara Walker’s Charted Knitting that she called “Uncharted Miscellany.” Anyhow, there’s been a lot of miscellaneous around here lately.

We’re still on a weather roller coaster, mostly warmer that normal, with the odd shot of colder weather. Lots of things are coming up and I just hope they don’t all get nipped by a big freeze!


I found this little clump of snowdrops at least 3 feet from the original clump, and I’m delighted they seem to be spreading! The flowering quince is also loaded with buds, and the variegated thyme is a delightful color; last summer, it was just green with white margins).

Quince buds.

Variegated thyme.

And the day ended with a really beautiful sky …

Sunset 2/21/2012


Cats, colcannon & crazy weather

When we were bringing in the groceries other day, I heard a peculiar noise and turned around to find both cats “mugging” the bag of cat food I’d just set on the floor. I was only able to catch 1 mugger – Maggie had already scurried away.

Amber - caught in the act!

The weather’s still been on a roller coaster, *up, down; rep from *. The warm spells have gotten the bulbs revved up …

Daffodils and thyme.

and then it does this sort of thing

Iced purple kale (last summer's planter).

I love watching this redbud through the seasons.

Redbud with snow.

Colcannon with kale and sautéd onions.

I had some nice kale that needed to be used, so decided to fix a batch of colcannon (it can be made with kale or with cabbage. Evidently there are 2 distinct schools of thought on this – I’ve made it both ways). My version uses mashed potatoes, onions and at least on this occasion, chopped kale that’s been simmered briefly in the the potato water, then drained and stirred in. I also put the whole business into a non-stick skillet and brown it like a giant potato cake. I’ll leave the turning over process to your imagination, but it was very tasty, and didn’t last long 😉


Dear blog …

I’m sorry you’ve been so neglected lately! Things just seem to have been really hectic here, but I’ll really try to do better.

This morning got off to an interesting start when I looked out the kitchen window and saw this:

My best guess is that it’s an immature red-shouldered hawk, but I was amazed at how many songbirds were still hanging out in the bushes. It stayed for a while before flying off.

I just completed a couple of deadlines, including a knitting project that I can’t show yet, but since the Winter (K105 – much better photos!) issue of Knitter’s is out, I can share these:

Amber Waves

White Hot

While I didn’t get any actual books for Christmas, I did receive an Amazon gift card, so that (plus a little) turned into 2 Jacques Pepin books I’d had on my wish list for a while: Jacques Pépin’s Complete Techniques, and Essential Pepin (EP), which also accompanies his latest PBS series. Neither is exactly light reading (OR a light book – 830 and 685 pages, respectively), but I find them very interesting and inspiring. I’ve already tried the Cauliflower Gratin recipe from EP (with some smoked paprika added), as I had a nice head on hand – quite simple, and very yummy!

Cauliflower Gratin from Essential Pepin