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Down another rabbit hole …

or that’s what it feels like. An iPad has been added to the toy box, and I’ve been playing … er, figuring it out. I’m trying not to go too nutz with the apps, but there certainly are a lot of them out there!

One decidedly good find was Pepperplate, a free app that looks like the much-needed solution to multiple paper-piles of collected recipes. It works on the iPad and also on the PC, and makes it so easy to import recipes, and then see what I’ve got.

I tried this Potato Casserole from Ciao Italia the other day, and it’s already been added to my recipes, along with a note about adding onions to it πŸ™‚

I’ve been busy with stealth knitting (deadline is looming) but will have to wait to share that.

The weather’s been on a real roller coaster, but it’s been cold enough that the birds flock to the feeders and the water, including multiple bluebirds on several mornings.


For the birds

This has been a good week for birds so far. Early Sunday there were at least a half dozen bluebirds on the water dish (I didn’t get any photos of them) and today there was a flock of robins. Some were perched up high where the sun was hitting and others were having a drink.


The watering hole.

Having water available draws a wider variety of birds than just the ones that come to the seed feeders.