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Winding down …

from the holidays. Christmas Day was pretty quiet with just the 2 of us, but family started arriving on Monday, and by Tuesday, we had 10 more people and 2 more dogs, so the house was pretty full.

Elves distributing presents.

Toby was delighted to have more laps available 😉

Some of the guys hanging out.

Son-in-law Mike is the family Grill Meister, and he did a wonderful job on steaks for the main dinner. I wish I’d taken a photo of all the electronics lined up on the kitchen island – the count was amazing!

Last minute photo shoot – the whole mob.

Hard to believe that 2011’s almost over. Happy New Year everyone!


Merry Christmas!

A couple of bits of history here. If the dates on the photos are right (there’s a ? on both), I must have been about 4, and you can see that books were already in the picture 😉

It's still not Christmas without at least 1 book!

It will just be the 2 of us for Christmas Day, but then Monday, we’ll be getting lots of company, including 5 of 6 grandkids. We’ll be making Candy Pie (aka Peppermint Fudge Pie) on Monday or Tuesday – it’s become a tradition around here. I first found the recipe in a leaflet from Kraft Foods years ago; the only difference from the recipe above is that it specifically calls for crushed Oreo cookies (filling and all) for the crust. I imagine the kids will get a kick out of crushing the candy canes 😉

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday – see you after Christmas!


Joyknits 2011 in Review – Pt. 2


Steamy … in the extreme here! Temperatures in the upper 90’s sure make staying inside to knit all the more appealing.

One of the last pieces of the construction – nice to have storage by the washer!


Catching up … or at least trying to! It was great to see everyone, and lots of great ideas were flying around at Knitting Camp.

Knitting Camp: Meg Swansen.

I couldn’t pick just 1 photo this month 😉

Lace Cardi & Cowl: VK Fall 2011 :^)


One of my travel souvenirs this summer was a Crazy Zauberball (Schoppel Woole; 75% wool/25% nylon in sock weight – German color name is Indisch Rosa, which I think is Indian pink) and it eventually suggested that it wanted to be a scarf/shawl.

New cat perch.


There was some frost in the area over the weekend. Since our tomatoes got a late start, and currently have quite a few nice green ones, I wanted to try to save them.


I’ve been working on patterns, and finally got this beaded bag ready to put up at Patternfish.



The day after Thanksgiving … … and we were still eating, so after doing a little bit of decorating, we took off for the Park and some fresh air.

New ornament.

This says it pretty well—overall a good year, even though there have been some bumps along the way.


Joyknits 2011 in Review – Pt. 1

I love Vicki’s Year in Review idea (first sentence of the first post of each month, plus a favorite photo), so thought I’d try it too. When the photo isn’t from the same post, it does create some really odd disconnects 😉


We took our usual Christmas trip to Kansas City to visit our daughters and their families and had a great time.

Sausage soup - great for cold weather!

ETA: Link to soup recipe here!


The Blizzard of 2011 has been THE news for the last several days; whether or not it lives up to its advance billing remains to be seen, but at least it sounds like a lot of folks have taken it seriously and prepared to hunker down for a while.

Ready for my close up ...


This pair of socks is coming along very quickly—I already have several inches of the 2nd cuff completed.


I finished spinning the BFL “Evil Jeanius” singles recently (24 oz). I still haven’t plied it yet …

Mary & Diane with Uncle George.


The florist’s van pulled into the driveway today and brought me this pretty planter:

My grandmother with Aunt Peg (l) and Mom (r) ca 1926.


Our oldest granddaughter, Samantha, was married last weekend [ETA: She just reminded me that the wedding was in May, even though I didn’t post about it until June 😉 ]. Not that I’m prejudiced or anything 😉 but the bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, and everything was simply lovely!

Grandfather of the bride.


Good morning moon!

Last Saturday’s full moon is looking a bit smaller, but it was still beautiful this morning.

There’s still a baking frenzy – some samples:

Cranberry/orange/nut bread.

Dundee Cake.

The Dundee Cake (which is fruitcake) took what seemed like forever to bake – next time, I’ll split it up into more pans! The little cookbook was a long ago gift, and there are several favorite recipes in it.

Chocolate chip cookies.

And the inevitable result of all this …

And 1 more bit of decor … after several years of minimal decorating, I’m having a lot of fun this year.

The little tree.


Baking, decorating and knitting …

There’s been baking, but I really need to put some away for later, so we don’t eat them all 😉

Lots of snickerdoodles.

Snickerdoodles closer.

And I’ve been having fun with the Christmas decorating. I moved the nativity from its home shelf to a spot just inside the door. It took some furniture shuffling, but I like it here. The next thing you see is the tree, and a new ornament I couldn’t resist—it’s got my name on it!

New ornament.

Then there’s the wreath our daughter Mary gave us last year; it lost a couple of cones, so I now have a new glue gun 😉

And of course there’s been knitting! I persuaded Maggie to model the modular scarf (Not her favorite activity!);

and I’ve been playing with some of the Zauberball. I think it might turn out to be a stole.

Zauberball swatch.

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The day after Thanksgiving

… and we were still eating, so after doing a little bit of decorating, we took off the Park and some fresh air.

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After supper, we had an early celebration for L’s birthday (*a mischievous Grandmom snuck a couple re-lighting candles in there 😉 ) then we did some more decorating for Christmas, which is much more fun with company!