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Pretty is …

NOT necessarily as pretty does, to borrow an old saying, and therein lies a lesson. Don’t these chicken pot pies look nice?

And closer …

I made pot pies with the rest of the chicken from the soup, plus onions, shiitaki mushrooms, asparagus and a cream sauce. By putting the crust (frozen puff pastry, thawed before using and trimmed to fit) on top of already hot filling, the crust was supposed to get cooked through in the time given (and I even gave it a little extra time in the oven), but it didn’t work out that way. The top layer was nicely done, but the lower half of the pastry was soggy and practically raw. We each ate 1 for supper last night, but I took the pastry off the other 2 and baked it until it was done through. Lesson learned: Next time, I’ll bake the pastry separately and just set it on top of the pot pies when they’re served.

There has been spinning here – I’ve been working on the Dyeabolical BFL/silk blend and made progress, though there’s still more to go.

BFL/silk blend; Juniper.