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This was the view through the window this morning, and it made me glad that we didn’t have to go anywhere, though at least the ice was just on the trees, not on the roads. It seemed like a great day for a nice warm casserole, so some of the leftover turkey, plus sauce, green chilis, tortillas and cheese went from this

to this, which will be even better tomorrow 😛

Here’s our Thanksgiving group – I think Toby left after about the first or 2nd photo.




Turkey & Pie, oh my!

Fresh turkey (21#) from Soulard Market ...

With 2 kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and cranberry sauce.

After all that, we waited a while for it to settle before having dessert:

Chocolate Kahlua Pecan Pie.

Recipe from Dierberg’s, a St. Louis grocery chain – I tried it one year, and it’s been expected ever since 😉

Next day was more visiting, more food, a nice walk in the nearby State park, and putting up Christmas decorations together with family – lovely visit!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


Getting ready

Thanksgiving (U.S.) dinner is looming ever closer and when Baker’s Banter (King Arthur Flour) posted a dinner roll recipe, I had to try it. Not only a new-to-me recipe, but also the first time I’ve used my KitchenAid mixer to make bread and both were a definite success! I still want to try freezing the unbaked rolls as explained in the recipe, as none of this batch made it to the freezer. I took most of them in for our fellowship time after church today (zero leftovers), along with a relish dish of olives, cheese and artichoke dip, but I plan to make another batch for Thursday.

It’s gotten much more like November here, rainy, windy and chilly, but I found this bright spot in my photos 🙂

Aromatic sumac.

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Looking forward and back

Looking forward to a new sweater that’s coming along nicely, even though I can’t get the color to come out correctly (it’s really a dark forest green).

Sweater back.

It’s going to be a cardigan, so I can wear it more than if it were a pullover (ahem!). Of course this means that I’ve got to find buttons for it!

I was looking back through construction photos from the last couple of years—it’s fun to see how far we’ve come. These were taken in November of 2009. The 2nd one was just before they started pouring the front porch and ramp; you can see the forms for the steps, too.

Deck; November 2009.

Not yet a front porch; November 2011.

We had a lovely sunset last Saturday evening!

Last Saturday.


Pretty is …

NOT necessarily as pretty does, to borrow an old saying, and therein lies a lesson. Don’t these chicken pot pies look nice?

And closer …

I made pot pies with the rest of the chicken from the soup, plus onions, shiitaki mushrooms, asparagus and a cream sauce. By putting the crust (frozen puff pastry, thawed before using and trimmed to fit) on top of already hot filling, the crust was supposed to get cooked through in the time given (and I even gave it a little extra time in the oven), but it didn’t work out that way. The top layer was nicely done, but the lower half of the pastry was soggy and practically raw. We each ate 1 for supper last night, but I took the pastry off the other 2 and baked it until it was done through. Lesson learned: Next time, I’ll bake the pastry separately and just set it on top of the pot pies when they’re served.

There has been spinning here – I’ve been working on the Dyeabolical BFL/silk blend and made progress, though there’s still more to go.

BFL/silk blend; Juniper.


Bits & pieces …

I’ve been working on patterns, and finally got this beaded bag ready to put up at Patternfish.

Crystal Beaded Bag

I hope to add more designs soon, including the shawl Amber’s modeling here (once I get the pattern written).

We had an abrupt change of weather overnight. This morning there was no doubt that it’s November—perfect soup weather. I got a couple of nice big stewing hens when we went to Soulard Farmers’ Market in St. Louis on Saturday, so I made a pot of soup (chicken, rice, carrots, onions and mushrooms) with the broth and most of the meat from 1 and put the other in the freezer for later.

I also came home with some squash that I’ll probably roast, though I might just cook the acorn squash in the microwave and put the usual butter and brown sugar on it.

The rest of the tomatoes are slowing turning color, so we still have a few left 🙂

The last ones ...