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Garden’s end (for now)

Since the weather folks kept issuing frost warnings for our area (and freeze warnings not that much farther north of us) I decided to pick everything instead of dealing with covering it again. As you may guess, there was no frost way up here on the hill, even though other areas around us did get some. So apart from sone earlier peppers, yellow pear (salad) tomatoes and a couple of larger tomatoes from the planter, this is what we got from the part of the garden I got planted this year.

The tomatoes are all Brandywine (red and yellow, which I will definitely grow again), the larger sweet peppers are Jimmy Nardello, and the little dish is de Arbol chilis of as yet unknown hotness. While it’s not a large yield, considering how late I got the plants into the ground, I’m happy to have gotten this much. As they say, next year … 😉

Some of the tomatoes are showing enough color I think they’ll ripen, but I still want to make a batch of relish with some of the green ones and the peppers. Meanwhile, I made pepper jelly yesterday. For some reason, my math skills completely deserted me, and I came up 4 jars short of having enough for all the jelly, so the 4 jars on the right (clean, but not sterilized or processed) are in the fridge  (sigh …)

Pepper jelly - the whole batch.

Along with the frost warnings we got cooler weather, perfect for making a big pan of lasagna. We either need to have more company, or put some in the freezer for later – it freezes well.

Ready to go in the oven.


Beautiful clouds today.