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More signs of fall

There was some frost in the area over the weekend. Since our tomatoes got a late start, and currently have quite a few nice green ones, I wanted to try to save them. Fortunately there’s an assortment of old sheets, quilts and a moving pad that gets pressed into service at time like this — it’s even got a couple of buckets of water in there!

Early Arkansas greenhouse ;o)

Some nice ones.

If it looks like it’s going to turn too cold, there’s always pickle relish!

The Virginia creeper is turning gorgeous shades of red – I went over to look at the vine that’s growing on the tree near the deck and found a little more than expected. I’ve no idea what kind of caterpillar it is, but it’s at least as big as a large tomato hornworm.

Side view.

Still lots of yellow around – I love these!