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Flowers, a frog …

and a look back.

The flowers are Scarlet (or blood, or Texas; Salvia coccinea) Sage. Fortunately it self-sows and always seems to come back somewhere every year, even when I forget to save seeds. Hummers love it, and I’ve only seen the plants for sale a couple of times, so I’m glad it’s so prolific. I looked up salvia on Wikipedia, and the list of salvia species is mind-blowingly long. I only found and identified it by the photo in the sidebar.

It was nice on the deck earlier, even though it’s a bit warm today. I saw a bump on the railing …

A close look (he’s about 1 1/8″ long) 😉

I’ve had fun looking back over our construction project (sometimes it seemed like it would never get done) – this is almost exactly 2 years ago. The office is finished, even if I still haven’t figured out how to arrange it yet.

Window for my office.