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Only a matter of time …

before the bike became a new cat bed – Amber has taken over. Later, from the other direction it looked like the bike had a long, swishing white tail 😉

For years we had a dogwood tree in one corner of the yard. Unfortunately dogwoods don’t seem to live forever, but this year it’s covered with a volunteer clematis (C. paniculata, or sweet autumn clematis) that’s just full of blossoms, in spite of our very dry weather.

It’s beginning to look like fall’s on the way!

Solomon's Seal.

Sassafras leaves.

This grey tree toad seems to have taken up residence on the little digital thermometer (~1.5 x 3.5″) on the kitchen window—sometimes he’s right on the display part. I think he likes the bug buffet at night when the light over the sink is on!

Our local Therma-toad.