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Flowers, a frog …

and a look back.

The flowers are Scarlet (or blood, or Texas; Salvia coccinea) Sage. Fortunately it self-sows and always seems to come back somewhere every year, even when I forget to save seeds. Hummers love it, and I’ve only seen the plants for sale a couple of times, so I’m glad it’s so prolific. I looked up salvia on Wikipedia, and the list of salvia species is mind-blowingly long. I only found and identified it by the photo in the sidebar.

It was nice on the deck earlier, even though it’s a bit warm today. I saw a bump on the railing …

A close look (he’s about 1 1/8″ long) 😉

I’ve had fun looking back over our construction project (sometimes it seemed like it would never get done) – this is almost exactly 2 years ago. The office is finished, even if I still haven’t figured out how to arrange it yet.

Window for my office.



Odds & ends …

of leftover sock yarn make a fun modular  scarf! It was one of those “potato chip” projects – I could never stop with just 1 block*. I kept wanting to see what the colors would do next.

Details: Sock weight yarn, 25-st modules; applied I-cord edging worked after the scarf was completed.

Toby enjoys hanging out on the deck, keeping watch over his domain 😉

*ETA: The scarf is all self-striping sock yarn (3 or more blocks per color), blocks and I-cord edging were picked up and knitted onto the previous block(s). I-cord edging ends were grafted together at the end.

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A Touch of Fall

It’s finally cooler and starting to look like fall. While I’m not in any rush for cold weather, not-so-hot is very welcome, as was the rain the other day. Definitely time to trade the forsythia wreath for something a little more seasonal above the door and on the table!

There are pretties outside too. The mum is so big it’s got to be watered practically every day, but it’s so gorgeous I don’t mind. I wouldn’t have thought of combining violas and kale, but it works, and I love pansies of any size!

Outside the front door.

Violas & purple kale.

I really didn’t get the garden going early enough this year (maybe I’ll do better next year) but this pepper did pretty well in the planter. There are a few more plus some tomatoes in the garden—I’ve got my fingers firmly crossed for a late frost so that maybe we’ll get a few more.

Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers.

I was working away at the computer the other day, then turned to see this 😉

Amber, my editorial assistant.

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New socks & next socks

I finally remembered to photograph the most recently completed sock and the next pair I’ve started. Plain ribbed socks are still my go-to when I need take along knitting that doesn’t require much concentration and I sure enjoy wearing the results. I like that the ones I just started aren’t quite as assertively stripey!

Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton (41% cotton/29% SW wool/13% nylon/7% stretch); color #8323.

The next pair.

It’s really starting to look fall-ish around here – some things are already going dormant, and the cooler weather sure is nice.


Ten years down the road – sometimes it doesn’t seem that long and sometimes it seems like forever …


Only a matter of time …

before the bike became a new cat bed – Amber has taken over. Later, from the other direction it looked like the bike had a long, swishing white tail 😉

For years we had a dogwood tree in one corner of the yard. Unfortunately dogwoods don’t seem to live forever, but this year it’s covered with a volunteer clematis (C. paniculata, or sweet autumn clematis) that’s just full of blossoms, in spite of our very dry weather.

It’s beginning to look like fall’s on the way!

Solomon's Seal.

Sassafras leaves.

This grey tree toad seems to have taken up residence on the little digital thermometer (~1.5 x 3.5″) on the kitchen window—sometimes he’s right on the display part. I think he likes the bug buffet at night when the light over the sink is on!

Our local Therma-toad.


Actual knitting!

One of my travel souvenirs this summer was a Crazy Zauberball (Schoppel Woole; 75% wool/25% nylon in sock weight – German color name is indisch Rosa, which I think is Indian pink) and it eventually suggested that it wanted to be a scarf/shawl. I’d only gotten 1 ball, so I called the shop, asked if they still had the 2nd ball, and it’s on the way. I love what the colors are doing!

A closer look.

Earlier this year, I had some herbs in planters, but the hot weather and lack of rain has made it hard to keep them from completely drying out. I just moved them to the space right outside the front door, which is pretty handy to the kitchen. I’m hoping they like it there!

3 thymes, oregano, a clump of chives, and a couple of flowers.

We’re trying to get a bit more fit around here—it’s hard to get into doing much outside when the temperature’s hanging around the upper 90’s to 100, and then there’s cold, snow and ice in the winter, so we’ve just added an exercise bike to the mix. So far the cats have given it a wide berth, and Toby seems to be totally unconcerned. I forgot to take a “before” picture, but I thought the mid-project view looked like something had exploded.

Lots of packaging!

And the finished product!

We still need to do some fine tuning on where it’s going to live. It requires an outlet and needs to be near a tv. 😉