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No-longer-stealth knitting!

Now that the Vogue Knitting Fall issue is online, I can finally share what was previously a stealth project 🙂 It’s #18 Lace Cardi & Cowl(click on The Art of Lace, it’s the first one). I’m SO pleased with their photo!

Front view (with cowl).

Front view without cowl.

Pattern stitch detail.

I came home from Wisconsin with a lot of produce in the cooler, including a bag of cucumbers from my friend’s very productive garden. It was way more than we could eat fresh, so it was a case of when life (or a good friend) gives you cucumbers, make pickles. With the addition of about 4 good-sized onions, we’ve now got Bread & Butter pickles for the forseeable future- yum!

Pre-pickles (sliced cucumbers, onions + salt).

Bread & Butter Pickles.