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Catching up …

or at least trying to! It was great to see everyone, and lots of great ideas were flying around at Knitting Camp.

Knitting Camp: Meg Swansen.

Just before I left, I got some plants into the ground, fortunately set up with a soaker hose, because there’s been very little rain here. As you can see from the before and after photos, they’ve made a lot of progress, but I got them in so late, we’ll probably need a very late frost to get anything from the peppers and tomatoes. The 2 chard plants at the edge should be a little more hardy if the rabbits just leave them alone!

Taken 7/24.

Taken 8/11.

At least we’ve got a few yellow pear tomatoes and peppers (probably hot – I planted sweet and hot ones, but no longer sure which are which) in the planters πŸ˜‰