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Steam(y) …

heat makes it pretty hard to drum up much enthusiasm for going outdoors, let alone doing anything when it’s so hot and muggy. Even the lows are supposed to be above 80 the rest of this week, while the highs are heading over the 100 mark – welcome to summer in Missouri!

It’s probably best to stay inside, knit, spin and read, but I just couldn’t resist getting outside for a little while this morning. There is knitting happening, but not currently of the blogable variety.

Blackberry lily.

Tall bellflower.

Both of these grow all over around here. I gathered some bellflower seeds along our road years ago, and now they come up all over the yard, and I love the way the spent blackberry lily flowers spin themselves into a tight little twist πŸ™‚

Great spangled fritillary.

Bee on coneflower.

This last photo wasn’t good news – hornets built a nest on the gate post next to the house, and someone got stung several times the other day. I’ve seen these nests up in trees before, but didn’t realize they built so close to the ground.


Finally …

I think we’re hitting the end of the house projectβ€”at least the building part of it. Our most excellent Cabinet Guy installed what should be the last 2 cabinets above the washer and dryer in the laundry/utility room. Now if only I could figure out where I put the rest of the shelf liner (I did a really good job of putting it away!), I’d be able to start putting stuff in them.Β  Of course we’ll probably be moving stuff around and rearranging furniture practically forever!

One day when we were going somewhere, I spotted this guy on the side of the garage. Wouldn’t those colors be great for a Fair Isle sweater πŸ™‚

Inspiration for a colorway?


This ‘n that …

I used to have several of these hibiscus, including 1 whose flower was about the color of the center of this one. Over the years, this is the only plant left, but I’m so glad to see it come up each spring.

Hibiscus Disco Belle

Even closer.

And another of my Mom’s daylily hybrids – this one is called Prim, and it’s about the same size as the Stella d’Oro variety.

Daylily Prim

And I finished a pair of socks – the yarn* was a gift from a dear knitting friend and I’ll think of her whenever I wear these πŸ™‚

New socks.

*ETA: Pagewood Farm Denali in Meadow.


More flowers

I found more than enough flowers for one post the other day, so here are some more.

Hosta; coneflower; hosta; bellflower; blackberries; ?; monarda; petunias; phlox.

Rachel at Dyeabolical posted some sock blanks she’d been dyeing the other day, and I couldn’t resist a couple of them. They just came in the mail; so far I’m just enjoying the colors in their neat little rolls. Things are a bit hectic here, so don’t know when I’ll have a chance to start knitting either of them πŸ˜‰

The other side up.

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Looking around …

to see what’s in bloom right now, the bigger daylilies are really getting going (the smaller Stella d’Oro is already done with its first round of blooms). I love plants that just come back year after year without needing to be fussed with πŸ™‚

Clear Day

Clear Day; closer.

Hyperion (maybe).

The next 2 are hybrids my folks did years ago – 1 is named for each of our daughters, and I have to look them up to see which is which.

A couple of wildflowers …


Steamy …

in the extreme here! Temperatures in the upper 90’s sure make staying inside to knit all the more appealing. That’s probably a good thing, as I just got 1 deadline project out of here. The yarn for the next one is alpaca and Pima cotton, which I’m looking forward to playing with πŸ™‚

Maggie’s been hanging out with Toby again. I don’t think he’s going to want to spend too much time outside until the neighbors run out of fireworks.

Have a great 4th!