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Playing with yarn again …

is fun! All it takes is some interesting new-to-me yarns, and to sit down with a few of my stitch dictionaries, and I get all sorts of ideas. If I’m lucky, at least a few of them will actually be something when they grow up πŸ˜‰The swatch in the lower right corner is actually just 1 yarn – I thought the way the colors worked out was interesting. The 2 on the left are 2 sides of the same stitch pattern.

A little glitz.

Maybe something a bit dressy.


I recently did a stealth project (to be revealed later) that used sock weight yarn at about a worsted gauge and liked it so much, I decided to play with the idea some more.

We’ve had a bunch of storms in the Midwest which have caused a lot of damage and heartbreak. So far our area has been very lucky, but please keep those who haven’t been as fortunate in your thoughts and prayers!

After the storm.