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My recipe box

I recently read Debbie Macomber’s book, God’s Guest List and came across this in the chapter, “The Importance of Family”:

I can see where I got my love of food and cooking. I still have my mother’s recipes … I also have the green tin box of recipes I had when I left home after high school. I wrote out each recipe card by hand.

It reminded me of my own green tin box, which probably goes back to junior high Home Ec class, and is still decorated with food pictures that my grandmother cut out of magazines and glued on it. You can see that it’s been well-used 😉

Most of the recipes are in my writing (various “styles”), a couple were done on a typewriter, and there are also a few in my Mom’s writing.

Recipe from Mom.

While I don’t use it all the time, there are a few standards there, including White Sauce, which I insisted that all 3 of our kids learn to make before they left home, a pretty close to fail-safe cheese soufflé recipe, and several cookie recipes.

White Sauce recipe - Home Ec class.

Mary Guinn Nelson, mid-1950's.

I learned to cook and also to knit from my grandmother. While this is a good photo, I rarely recall her looking so serious or so still—she was almost always doing something.