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Happy Mother’s Day!

The florist’s van pulled into the driveway today and brought me this pretty planter:Thinking about Mother’s Day, I looked through some old family photos and found a couple with Mom in them. The first one also includes my grandmother (we called her Muttie) with Aunt Peg (blonde) and Mom (brunette).

My grandmother with Aunt Peg (l) and Mom (r) ca 1926.

The 2nd photo is my aunt and Mom, and I just realized that the chair they’re sitting in almost has to be the same wing chair I still have in the room with me – different upholstery (and due for a new cover soon – thanks cats!), but wow, how neat! I knew it had been in the family for a while, but had no idea it went back that far πŸ™‚

Aunt Peg (l) & Mom (r) ca 1930.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!