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Playing with yarn again …

is fun! All it takes is some interesting new-to-me yarns, and to sit down with a few of my stitch dictionaries, and I get all sorts of ideas. If I’m lucky, at least a few of them will actually be something when they grow up 😉The swatch in the lower right corner is actually just 1 yarn – I thought the way the colors worked out was interesting. The 2 on the left are 2 sides of the same stitch pattern.

A little glitz.

Maybe something a bit dressy.


I recently did a stealth project (to be revealed later) that used sock weight yarn at about a worsted gauge and liked it so much, I decided to play with the idea some more.

We’ve had a bunch of storms in the Midwest which have caused a lot of damage and heartbreak. So far our area has been very lucky, but please keep those who haven’t been as fortunate in your thoughts and prayers!

After the storm.


Year of the Cicadas …

What’s currently coming out of the ground is a crop of 13-year cicadas, and they’re all over the place! Unfortunately Toby seems to think they’re snack food, and they don’t play nicely with his tummy, so I’m having to restrict his access to the yard for a little while.

1. Holes are about the size of a pencil.

2. Empty cicada shells.

3. Adult cicada.

The wild honeysuckle is in full bloom right now, as is the clump of mock orange bushes and both smell wonderful!


Mock orange.

Rachel‘s been tempting me again—I got a very full mailer from her the other day, and here’s what was in it:

Bluefaced Leicester/silk top; Juniper.

I can’t wait to start playing with it 🙂


My recipe box

I recently read Debbie Macomber’s book, God’s Guest List and came across this in the chapter, “The Importance of Family”:

I can see where I got my love of food and cooking. I still have my mother’s recipes … I also have the green tin box of recipes I had when I left home after high school. I wrote out each recipe card by hand.

It reminded me of my own green tin box, which probably goes back to junior high Home Ec class, and is still decorated with food pictures that my grandmother cut out of magazines and glued on it. You can see that it’s been well-used 😉

Most of the recipes are in my writing (various “styles”), a couple were done on a typewriter, and there are also a few in my Mom’s writing.

Recipe from Mom.

While I don’t use it all the time, there are a few standards there, including White Sauce, which I insisted that all 3 of our kids learn to make before they left home, a pretty close to fail-safe cheese soufflé recipe, and several cookie recipes.

White Sauce recipe - Home Ec class.

Mary Guinn Nelson, mid-1950's.

I learned to cook and also to knit from my grandmother. While this is a good photo, I rarely recall her looking so serious or so still—she was almost always doing something.


Happy Mother’s Day!

The florist’s van pulled into the driveway today and brought me this pretty planter:Thinking about Mother’s Day, I looked through some old family photos and found a couple with Mom in them. The first one also includes my grandmother (we called her Muttie) with Aunt Peg (blonde) and Mom (brunette).

My grandmother with Aunt Peg (l) and Mom (r) ca 1926.

The 2nd photo is my aunt and Mom, and I just realized that the chair they’re sitting in almost has to be the same wing chair I still have in the room with me – different upholstery (and due for a new cover soon – thanks cats!), but wow, how neat! I knew it had been in the family for a while, but had no idea it went back that far 🙂

Aunt Peg (l) & Mom (r) ca 1930.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!