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Enough already!

At times like this, I’m very thankful that we live on top of a fairly high hill. Of course that can have its drawbacks in snowy or icy winter weather; before we had 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, it meant putting on tire chains … a lot, but at least we don’t have to worry about flooding! We’ve had a bit over 7″ of rain here in the last week, and the creeks are dangerously high – this is what the creek that runs through town looked like this afternoon, and the creek across the highway from our road looked even worse.

Looking upstream.

There's a bridge under there.

The “ridge” in the water is caused by the downstream edge of the concrete low water bridge. Many of the crossings in town have this type of bridge, so getting from 1 side of town to the other isn’t so easy right now.

Hoping for a dry spell and some sunshine πŸ˜‰