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We thought spring had sprung around here—now it looks like we were overly optimistic. Some of these will probably survive the mistreatment, but I noticed a couple of magnolias that were gorgeous a couple of days ago and are now completely brown.

Clockwise from top right: Forsythia, quince, ferns, coneflower heads, redbud.

However, there’s someone here who enjoys the snow 🙂

Turbo dog!


Not sure if this qualifies …

as a Rube Goldberg arrangement or not, but that’s what I thought of when I put together something to raise the seedlings up closer to the lights 😉

I raided the pantry for enough same-sized things to raise the trays up, then added the bread pans and cereal boxes when the cans weren’t enough.

L to R: Brandywine (red) tomatoes; Dagma's Perfection (yellow) tomatoes; rhubard chard.

At the rate these are sprouting I suspect we may have quite a few to share! The large tray has peat pellets with more chard, DH’s chili peppers, 6 more tomatoes and some Italian sweet peppers, plus a dozen more empty pellets. The next trick may be to keep them from becoming kitty snacks!

I finished the first pair of socks from the Dyeabolical yarn,

then promptly started another pair (for me!) with some yarn that was a gift from a good friend.

Meanwhile, we’re hoping that whatever made off with our spring weather will send it back!


More progress

October 2010

Last October we were pretty happy that the yard looked like this, in place of the pile of fill dirt that had been sitting out there for a long time, but now it’s even better, and getting greener practically every day.

March 2011

Once we get a long enough dry spell, there will be a new fence starting under the deck, and running over to the fence that’s off the left side of the photo, and Toby will be able to go in and out from the deck. I’m really looking forward to that! 😉

Evening sky.

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One of our daughters and her family are here for the weekend, and a friend invited us out to see his horses, including a Clydesdale mare and her colt – we had a lovely day and a good time—too bad we forgot to bring along some carrots!

Mare & colt.

Quarter horse stallion.


Come on in!

This is probably the first thing you see coming in the door. The table has been in the family longer than I have— it belonged to my grandparents.

I found the plaque in a shop in Wisconsin last summer, and the little angel in December. I love the saying, and the Art Deco style.

When I’m at the computer, I usually have company pretty close by.


You're pointing that thing at me again.

Toby’s definitely not fond of cameras!

And finally some non-sock knitting! I’ve had this swatch sitting in the bottom of my bag for a bit and just got it steamed last night. I think it’s going to be a dressy cardi to wear to our granddaughter’s wedding in May 🙂



Sock progress

This pair of socks is coming along very quickly—I already have several inches of the 2nd cuff completed. I’m really enjoying the Dyeabolical sock yarn I got from Rachel at the Fiber Gathering last month.

Our weather’s still doing the roller coaster thing, but there are more signs of spring all the time 🙂

(clockwise from upper left; snowdrops, daylily tips peeking out, and almost a daffodil)