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I’ve got Mail!

I received a lovely package from  Margene at Zeneedle for commenting on her blog and I had help almost as soon as I opened it. The book is Twist & Knit by Miriam Felton (Margene was one of the sample knitters), and a bag of really yummy Cormo/Alpaca roving (70% cormo/30% alpaca) from Foxfire Fiber. I’ve already sampled a bit on one of my spindles, and discovered that I really need to put it where Amber can’t get to it 😉 Thanks again, Margene!

The 2nd stalk on the amaryllis is blooming – it has another 4 buds on it. I’m really enjoying the bright color when the weather’s been not so nice.

And the snowdrops are getting a little taller, so spring must be on the way!