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I’ve got Mail!

I received a lovely package fromΒ  Margene at Zeneedle for commenting on her blog and I had help almost as soon as I opened it. The book is Twist & Knit by Miriam Felton (Margene was one of the sample knitters), and a bag of really yummy Cormo/Alpaca roving (70% cormo/30% alpaca) from Foxfire Fiber. I’ve already sampled a bit on one of my spindles, and discovered that I really need to put it where Amber can’t get to it πŸ˜‰ Thanks again, Margene!

The 2nd stalk on the amaryllis is blooming – it has another 4 buds on it. I’m really enjoying the bright color when the weather’s been not so nice.

And the snowdrops are getting a little taller, so spring must be on the way!


Socks ‘n stuff

I finished one pair of socks in the car on Saturday, or at least I almost finished them. Since I didn’t have a darning needle along to weave the toe, I did a 3-needle bind-off to hold the stitches, so I need to pick that out, finish the toe properly, and also work in the ends.

Once the needles were available, I couldn’t wait to start another sock, so I cast on while we were waiting for a table at Olive Garden – yes, we had to wait long enough that I had time not only to cast on, but to work several rounds of ribbing … I was really glad I’d put the yarn in my knitting bag!

I tried a new recipe today for Pork Chops with Apricot Brandy Sauce – it turned out very well, though I think I might add a bit more seasoning another time. Steamy Kitchen does a good job of step-by-step photos, too.


Signs of spring

I heard the spring peepers calling the other night when Toby & I took our evening walk – they always make me hope that spring isn’t too far away. There are enough small ponds around that they can be quite loud, as they are this evening. This link tells about peepers, and has a link to a short video with sound.

There are also green things coming up – daffodils right next to the house,

Daffodils (or narcissus?)

snowdrops just a little farther away,


and the buds on the bushes are getting bigger.

Forsythia buds

Lilac buds

And the sunset this evening was just too gorgeous not to share!



There are a few plants under a light in the basement, and I’ve had a bad habit lately of forgetting that the poor things are down there. I was really surprised the other day when I went down for something else and found this (and there’s a 2nd bud stalk on it that’s just starting to show some color):

I mentioned that some stash enhancement happened on Saturday at the fiber gathering – here are the goodies I got from Rachel. The blues are the same colorway as the BFL top I’ve been spinning. She said Cindy & I picked the exact same BFL/silk top – I can’t wait to see what we each decide to do with it. πŸ™‚

Sock yarn

Blue-faced Leicester/tussah silk top

And the 2nd sock of my current pair is coming along nicely. I’d like to finish it so I can play with my new sock yarn, besides there seems to be a wearing-out epidemic happening in my sock supply!

Berroco Sock, color #1453.


Winter Flock Gathering

Our very loosely organized (main membership requirement is enjoy fiberish activities and to show up for spin-ins/potlucks) group, Ozark Foothills Spinners had a get-together today, and had our usual fiber-y, foodie great time with fiber, food, friends, and oh, did I mention food πŸ˜‰

The get-together is a great antidote to the winter blahs – I was having so much fun, I only took a couple of photos, and Rachel (Dyeabolical) & I asked someone to take a photo of us spinning together. Some of her fiber and sock yarn may have come home with me, but that photo will have to wait for better light.


We now return …

to our regularly scheduled fiber-y things – and cats of course; they stick around when I get out the camera, while Toby wanders off πŸ˜‰

I’ve been getting some spinning done and I’m making progress on the 3rd and last 8-oz ball of Dyeabolical BFL top. I decided to spin all the singles first, then do the plying. Interweave had a sale and I ordered Judith Mackenzie’s The Gentle Art of Plying – I plan to take a look at that before I ply this yummy stuff.


A pretty exciting morning …

While I was talking to Mom on the phone this morning (fortunately using a Bluetooth!), this pileated woodpecker (crow-sized) landed in 1 of the 2 trees right up by the house, so I ran for the nearest camera and started snapping. Mom got a complete blow-by-blow as I was bird-chasing πŸ˜‰

At times like this, I really appreciate the “Sports” mode that just keeps shooting for as long as you hold down on the button. I didn’t expect him to stick around as long as he did, but he (male has red mustashe which is visible in the head-on shot, female has black) went back and forth between the 2 trees several times, giving me a wonderful photo op.

As you may notice, there’s more snow, and judging from the forecasts, we’re not done yet. Sounds like great knitting & spinning weather!