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A mixed bag …


The good news is that the pantry is coming along nicely – the shelves are finished and installed. Once we’re actually in the space, I’m sure they’ll fill quickly and it will be much easier to see what’s actually there 🙂 The bad news is that my swift fell yesterday and broke some ties (I knew I was going to need to redo those sometime) and a rib. The rib’s been glued, and I’m really hoping it will hold! As far as I can tell, Gallagher Tools is no longer around, and most of the newer swifts I’ve seen have plastic parts instead of being all wood like this one.

Glued, clamped and fingers crossed!

I’ve always been very careful about going outside in the winter to take photos, then bringing a cold camera back into the warm house (seal it up in a plastic bag outside so it won’t fog up), but didn’t think about taking one from the air conditioning out into the mugg we’re currently experiencing – oops! Interesting, but NOT what I intended.


Author: joyknits

Knitter, designer, tech editor, spinner sharing a home in the Missouri Ozarks with my husband (53 years and counting), 1 dog, 2 cats, and way too much stash!

3 thoughts on “A mixed bag …

  1. Pantry is looking good. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your swift. How disturbing. And, it looks like you shot the daylily through cheesecloth. But, I can feel the humidity. It’s 83 this morning at 6:15 a.m. and getting worse. Stay inside if you can!

  2. My wooden swift broke a rib years ago. DH took some magic glue from his woodworking shop and fixed it and it’s still going strong so I think you can expect a full recovery.

    I got that filmy look yesterday too when I was photographing out in the garden. We got rain last night so the temps and humidity has backed off a little this morning. Thankfully.

  3. The other day, I had to leave the camera outside until the condensation evaporated. I should remember that leaving the camera in the room where DH and Belvedere crank the AC down is going to cause condensation, ack! I broke a rib on my swift the first time I used it. My lovely Swedish wood swift has metal tape over wood glue on it. We are redoing one bathroom, and thinking about a major renovation for another. I came home to find a toilet in the yard the other day.

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