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Happy, happy birthday …

babies! Shortly before midnight 44 years ago yesterday, life got much more hectic than we anticipated. Instead of the expected large single baby, we had twin girls.

Everything seemed peaceful when H left for work (60+ miles away) that afternoon, but a little while later the action started. I called H and my mom, dropped our son at the baby sitter, then drove myself to town (about 10 miles) and sat at the hospital and waited … and waited … finally at 11:32pm, a baby girl; no wait, we’re not done yet … another baby girl at 11:46pm! Life’s never been dull. Now we’re watching them with their kids πŸ˜‰

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The Hill

If you’re in St. Louis and see fireplugs painted green, white and red, you know you’re on the Hill (La Montagne), the Italian section of town. It’s home to many excellent restaurants and several Italian grocery stores. On Saturday we headed for Viviano’s to restock on linguini (a 5-lb roll wrapped in white paper) and some cheese to go with it – we had to settle for domestic pepato (grating cheese with peppercorns), as they were out of pecorino pepato 😦


Moving day …

Yesterday with a lot of help, H’s old and very heavy bench saw made the trip across the driveway from his shop to the new basement. It will be handy there, and there are a couple of other wood-working tools that will be joining it later.

Amber & Maggie were kind of wound up the other day – I think Amber was daring Maggie to come on down πŸ˜‰

The sweater is progressing nicelyβ€”the body is mostly done, mainly sleeves and borders to go. I don’t always enjoy knitting cotton, but this yarn (Mirasol Samp’a; 100% cotton, 102 yds/50g per ball) is so nice and soft that I’m loving it!


Testing …

The new kitchen isn’t done yet, but the oven’s working, and I got to test drive it today. H recently made some wistful remarks about pineapple-upside-down cake, so that’s what I made. I think it tasted nearly as good as it looks – 1 can of pineapple slices + 1 yellow cake mix = 2 cakes, so in addition to the one we mostly destroyed today, I’ve got one for after church tomorrow.

Test run.

The phlox is simply beautiful this spring – I’ve been careful not to mow that area until it’s had plenty of time to go to seed and the patch is expanding nicely.

The phield of phlox again.



Evening sky



Since I finished the deadline project, I was left with nothing to knit (N2K) but a sock. With warmer weather coming, I found last summer’s stash enhancement from The Knitting Room in Fond du Lac (Mirasol Samp’a; 100% cotton, 102 yds/50g per ball – yummy!) and started a sweater (cardi, short sleeves).

Toby and I spent some time sitting on the deck, while I paged through stitch pattern books, made a list of possibilities and swatched the one I liked best, then started knitting. As usual I tinkered with the pattern a little bit and mirror-imaged it at the center, but I’m liking the results πŸ™‚

Loved the blue sky, clouds and the shape and color of this sycamore tree by the creek in town on Friday.


Enjoying spring …

I celebrated getting a deadline project completed by checking to see what was growing in the yard.

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By the way, it was a good thing I photographed the magnolias when I did as the wind the next 2 days pretty well blew all the petals off the trees.


Lovely flowers

Two magnolia trees are in full bloom next door. The house is sitting empty with no one to appreciate these lovely blossoms.

It’s definitely frozen custard weather here – this was the first of 2 fire trucks that visited Ted Drewes while we were there Saturday evening πŸ˜‰