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Rep from * … again.

You might recall that I’ve had computer issues recently (November and December) – they’re baaack … which makes me very glad that we re-upped the service contract on the darned thing. Spent some time on the phone with a very pleasant service rep; I was OK with unplugging stuff and opening the case, but when he got to “remove the CMOS battery and unplug cables x, y and z,” I wimped out and hollered for H. No luck with the various suggestions, so I guess I’ll be waiting for the service tech tomorrow*. At this point I’m glad I’ve still got the previous computer still set up and running!

Afterward, I decided a walk around the yard was a good remedy, so here are some of the goodies I found.

The flooring guys are finished for a while. Everything is done, except they estimated wrong and had to order more hardwood to finish our bedroom. They did, however, get done in the kitchen so the cabinets should be coming yet this week. πŸ™‚

*ETA: Shhh … I think they may have fixed the right thing this time, at least I’m hoping they did!