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Kitchen preview and spring things

There’s progress on the long-running construction project πŸ™‚ The kitchen sink came the other day (lots of internet ordering on this job), so we took it up to the cabinet shop and got a preview of our cabinets – I love the rope (cable?) trim and the Golden Pecan finish! The upper cabinets have arched panels; lower cabinets have the flat-top panels. The flooring crew has been here this week, and are making fairly good progress — I’m hoping for even more tomorrow, when they’re supposed to have 3 guys here.

Kitchen cabinet preview.

Raking, raking, raking ...

The weather was just lovely yesterday (more rain on the way), so I took a spindle out on the deck and Toby spent a lot of time just looking around. Later I raked piles and piles of leaves out of my hosta beds, then dragged 3 huge tarpsful down to the garden and mulched them with the rotary mower; our soil needs all the help it can get!

Crabapple; horse chestnut; lilac; little daffodils.

I’m so happy to see these little daffodils – I thought they’d all been buried in the construction mess πŸ™‚