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Socks, stew & salamanders


I recently stumbled upon The Reluctant Entertainer’s blog – she and 3 other bloggers were invited to a chili tasting at the Culinary Institute in Napa (how cool is that … sigh) by Bush’s Beans. She shared one of the recipes they prepared, Bush’s Chicken and Kidney Bean Spanish Stew, which was very tasty and will definitely be repeated!

Served with Daisy's Yellow Rice.

In addition to some extremely loud spring peepers in the ponds, it’s the season for salamanders to be on the move. A couple of them took a wrong turn the other night and ended up in the shop. H called me on the intercom, then popped a can over this visitor until I could get out there with a camera. When I was relocating the first one, a 2nd one was about to come in too.

Spotted salamander.

I’ve noticed that some of my more experienced socks are starting to wear out, so the pair I just finished can go right into the rotation πŸ˜‰

Mistake Stitch Rib; Zitron Trekking XXL, color #104.

Author: joyknits

Knitter, designer, tech editor, spinner sharing a home in the Missouri Ozarks with my husband (53 years and counting), 1 dog, 2 cats, and way too much stash!

5 thoughts on “Socks, stew & salamanders

  1. Mmmmm! The stew looks absolutely delicious. Very cute salamander.

    Great socks, they look like they will be perfect with jeans.

  2. Yummy stew. Is that one of the rare endangered salamanders we see all over the state? And, sock attrition is so hard to take. Have a great weekend, Joy. Stay dry.

  3. Oh my goodness that stew looks and sounds fabulous! Cute salamander.

  4. You know I’ve lived here for 25 years and never seen a salamander. Saw them in Florida all the time. Am I far enough north from you that it’s too cold? Off to google….

  5. I’ve bookmarked the Bush’s website- it looks like there are some great recipes there.

    Do salamanders bite or do any damage (other than to my nerves)?

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