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A different kind of concrete!

I guess I’m a bit obsessed with spring, but here’s another indicator – Ted Drewes Frozen Custard is open! We did a Home Depot run yesterday to pick up the rest of the paint for the walls (not even thinking about the trim, etc yet) and stopped for a treat before heading home. We had our usual cherry concrete for him and double raspberry concrete for me – yum!!!

Last week was primer and by tomorrow, all the walls should be their final colors. This area will be the kitchen (appropriately the color is called Butter Cookie). The oven (big stainless ‘box’ with broom leaning against it) will be about where the ladder is sitting; there will be an island where the cooktop will go. Probably flooring next week, and the cabinet guy picked up a couple of sinks today so he could cut openings in the counter top, so that’s getting close too.