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Walkin’ After Midnight …

is what Toby & I have been doing lately, thanks to my getting involved in watching some of the Olympics. The full moon has been so bright I haven’t even needed a flashlight.

Some good and some bad around here: The good news is that the drywall seams are being sanded, and primer should be going on soon; the bad news is that the garage door opener on my side croaked, and Himself is having to take part of it down so he can weld it back together, but at least the weather’s currently cooperating.

Warning to anyone eating dessert at a Longhorn Steakhouse: the Chocolate Stampede is huge. It’s 2 big slices of cake with chocolate mousse filling and other goodies, plus 2 large scoops of ice cream. If we’d had any idea how big it was, I hope we would have split an order (sorry for the not-so-good cell phone photo – lighting levels are pretty low). As it was, we doggie-bagged at least half of each piece of cake.

Gratuitious cat-in-basket photo 😉

Congratulations to Team Canada—naturally I’d have preferred to see Team USA win the hockey game, but both teams played a real barn burner of a game!


Decisions …

have finally been made on parts of the kitchen. We had already decided on the cabinet sample, but were having a really hard time on the countertops. I mean, how do you look at a chip that’s 2 5/8″ x 1 1/2″ and translate that into a big area? The cabinet guy finally brought over larger samples and we’ve decided on these:

The colors didn’t come out quite right; at least on my monitor, the one on the left which will be the kitchen counters and the vanities is a bit more grey; the one on the right which will be the kitchen island, is slightly darker. The cabinet finish sample actually came out pretty close 😉

The flooring is supposed to be delivered in the morning – whee!


Taking a walk …

Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul… then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. (Moby Dick)

Ishmael’s solution was go to to sea, for me there’s a point at which I simply need to get out in the woods for a while. I’m lucky to have woods nearby, so I grabbed a camera the other day and went out to see what I could find. Come on along!

Earlier I’d been looking out a window and saw 3 deer running up the field right across the road, so I ducked through the fence and checked for prints. The hawk regularly hunts from that wire, and I found raccoon tracks by the creek down the hill.

1 & 2. Red-shouldered* hawk; 3. deer track; 4. raccoon

There’s a creek down the hill behind us—right now there’s water in it, but it dries up in the summer.

Ice on the creek.

On the way back up the hill there’s a brush pile that includes chunks of a tree we had to cut down. It’s been interesting to watch what’s been growing on the pieces. I love the colors.

Moss & fungus.

The snow’s almost all gone now, except where it was piled up—the bad part is that it’s been replaced by a sea of mud, which is not nice for dog-walking!

*ETA: Sorry for the sloppy drive-by hawk ID! The comment about the reddest red-tail hawk had me thinking, I got another look at it today, then hit the bird book, and it’s a red-shouldered hawk, not a red-tailed hawk – oops!

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New books

Since I’ve got a fiber gathering coming up on Saturday, we did our errands today. The Home Depot visit was unusually light, with only 2 screwdrivers purchased and a quantity of paint cards brought home.

Another stop was Barnes & Noble – I wanted to look at 2 knitting books, which they didn’t have in stock, but consoled myself with a few other books 🙂

I’ve still very pleased with the red sweater. The other side of the fabric is also attractive, and I’m thinking of ways to use it.



from UFO to Finally Finished Object! In spite of issues with the neck, the knitting has been completed for a while, and it’s been sitting in its bag, half-assembled (ahem!) because I had to switch to other projects with actual deadlines attached. I’ve had it on for a while now, and it’s very comfy 🙂

In which I discover that the photo-in-the-mirror gig isn't as easy as it looks!

One of the (few) good things about the snow that keeps on falling is the interesting tracks that are left in it:


Mystery bird checking out the deck.


Rep from *

*More snow; rep from * seems to be the pattern lately. One of our daughters and 3 grandkids came over from Kansas City this weekend and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t do enough to cause problems when they go home!

A change of pace from knitting

Once in a while I feel like doing something a bit different, so I made these a few days ago. I love cloisonne beads and thought the pearls were a nice touch.

We have 1 window that overlooks the bird feeders. Even though the sill would actually be wide enough for 2 cats, since they don’t share, there’s a holding pattern on top of the big printer 😉


Snow again …

We’re not getting anything to compare with what’s hitting over on the east coast, but it’s still getting ridiculous! It’s supposed to stay cold, and there are supposed to be more storms coming later in the week. Enough already!

The last of the drywall went up this week, all the piles of scraps are gone and things are moving along 🙂


Snow dog!

Toby was having a blast in the snow this morning – I tried playing with the “Sports” setting on the camera, and got some decent shots … and then there were several that were just part of a high speed dog. There’s still a learning curve happening there 😉

As you can see, we got some snow – about 3 inches. When we went north to St. Louis today, it was obvious that most of this storm stayed to the south. Now we’re waiting to see what the next one (Sunday-into-Monday) will do. We’ve got milk, bread, pet food, plenty of knitting and nowhere in particular to go, so we may just sit it out.