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Enough already!

I’ve got some actual knitting (don’t faint!) that I can blog. Since I finished the dark blue socks, I went for some variety – admittedly still blue, but several shades, as in Trekking XXL (#104 – darker than shown). As I’m between deadline projects, the first sock has been moving right along.

Trekking Sock

I was also playing with a cable I saw – after 1 whole repeat πŸ˜‰ (indicated by the black line), I decided to see what would happen if I flipped it over, and it makes sort of riff on the Hugs & Kisses Cable, which is one of my favorites. I need to play with this one some more!


View from the deck.

The view from the deck.

Given that this is already the wettest October on record and it’s still raining, I think our song for the month should be Johnny Cash’s Five Feet High and Risin’



A friend sent me this link – I think it’s neat. There are a couple of other videos there as well.

The “not a good sign” has gotten worse. My main computer totally refused to start at all today, so I was on the phone for a while. The best news is that under the warranty/service contract, someone is coming out to fix it tomorrow; we thought we’d probably have to take the computer up to St. Louis for service. Stay tuned!

ETA: The computer repair guy showed up on Tuesday as promised, replaced the power supply and my computer is back – hooray for Dell!


Doors & a window, oh my!

You might remember this hole in the wall. As of today, the window is in, and all the doorways have doors as well, so we’re only waiting for 1 more window (ordered later than all the others).

In the last photo, notice the board in the corner that’s leaning against the wall (below the smaller window)? That’s a very important boardβ€” it’s currently propping up the phone interface box so we have phone service, and even more important, internet access πŸ˜‰


Another pair …

of socks; nothing fancy, just my default ribbed socks in dark blue, but I’ll enjoy wearing them. Details: Regia plus Cotton, color #50; 68 stiches on size 1 bamboo double-points. I did appreciate my Ott Light when it came to picking up stitches along the edges of the flap πŸ˜‰

The weather hasn’t been construction-friendly – last week the rain and cold slowed things to a virtual crawl, but this week they’re back making good time with the siding. Otherwise progress is slowβ€”2 doors came in hinged on the wrong side, another one has a bad spot, so we’re waiting for replacements for those. The shower stall hasn’t come in, so the entry doors that are sitting here can’t be installed.

On a cheerier note, we’re getting some nice spots of color – these are just a few.


Looks like it’s going to work!

My experiment, that is. Here it is knitted up in a ball of Jojoland Melody (#MS29). It didn’t look too promising at first, but after it was soaked and blocked severely, I think it has definite possibilities. I still need to “test drive” it, once I figure out what I have that goes with it, and it might need a set of mitts for company, especially since I have another ball.

As you can see, I had a snoopervisor/helper when I was blocking it πŸ˜‰

ETA: At least on my computer, the colors look pretty close in the last photo.


Never a good sign …

Uh oh!

Uh oh!

especially when it keeps happening! My main/newer (’07) computer (I’m glad we still have the previous one as backup) has been balky lately. Sometimes it just sits there blinking and refuses to start at all, which is when the cover comes off, and so far Himself has been able to revive it. We tried contacting support this afternoon, which ate a big chunk of time that could have been put to much better use, and didn’t give us any answers – I really need to back up my current work to the remote hard drive more often so I can get to it!



Since I wouldn’t give up my chair, I guess Amber decided to move in on Maggie – they stayed this way for 20 or 30 minutes πŸ˜‰


No joy in Mudville …

well Casey didn’t exactly strike out, but the Cardinals went 3 and out against the LA Dodgers 😦 Once they clinched a spot in the playoffs, they seemed to hit a wall. The hapless Rams, at 0 and 5 are no consolation either.

Best thing I could think of was to grab my camera and head back towards the woods. After the rain ended, we’ve had 2 nights of nearly freezing temps, and I suspect the color may not last long, as we’re supposed to get more rain later in the week.Fall Mosaic

Now that I’m mostly caught up with stealth knitting, I’ve been experimenting with an idea for a cowl design. So far I’ve got a weird looking wedge of knitting in a sock yarn leftover that’s totally too busy for what I want to do – time will tell whether or not it will ever grow up to be something!


Noah, where are you?

It’s been raining pretty much all day, and it’s not supposed to stop until sometime tomorrow. I know the rain gauge already had 2″ in it several hours ago – at times like this, I’m really glad we’re on top of a hill! As you can see, Amber’s not too worried. (ETA: Rainfall came to 4-7/8″ by Friday afternoon.)

The current pair of socks is back on track β€” Regia with Cotton is nice to knit πŸ™‚

The sky was really pretty a couple of evenings ago.