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I thoroughly enjoyed Julia Child’s book, My Life in France, and in a total change of time and place, I’m now reading An Accomplished Woman by Jude Morgan (link to a short blog interview with the author). If you like Jane Austen or possibly Georgette Heyer, this is fun!

Today’s mail brought a nice surprise. In 1998, my afghan design was published in Country Woman Christmas 1998; it’s been reprinted in Taste of Home Christmas 2009, and I just received a copy.

I’ve been thinking about making a rain garden when we get done with all the construction mess, so I looked online this morning and found a really neat brochure on rain gardens,  as a PDF from the Wisconsin DNR, which seems to cover the topic very well. They have information and plant lists for heavy clay soils (that’s us!) as well as sandy soils, and many of the plants are native here as well.