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More Than Just Flowers …

For some reason, today was a day to find something extra in the flowers. When I took Toby out, I spotted the little spring peeper in the middle of one daylily, went back for my camera, then found what I think was a katydid in another.

In spite of all the blooms on the Solomon’s Seal, it only set 3 berries. They’re not fully ripe/blue yet, but with the construction and all, I figured a photo in the hand, etc.

My granddaughter emailed me a link to an article about this study, Cats Purrfect at Getting Needs Met. She has an orange tabby I haven’t met yet, but I do think he’s training her very well πŸ˜‰

The guy came yesterday and measured for the trusses, which are supposed to show up next week. I’m hoping to come back from Knitting Camp and see at least the beginnings of a roof. Also hoping for dry weather, since they have to do things to the current roof to connect the new one!