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I actually finished these Very Red Socks a little while ago, but didn’t get around to giving them their moment in front of the camera until today. Definitely bright! ๐Ÿ™‚

Earlier this month I heard chirping and discovered these little guys in the shop office. The big sliding shop doors don’t close very tightly, so the wrens can pretty much go in and out all the time. They’ve previously nested behind a sign out in the main part of the shop, but this time they chose the shelf underneath the wall cabinet as a nesting site. I love to hear wrens sing, and really appreciate their appetite for bugs!

If blocking a large piece of lace is looming on your horizon, Barb Bettignes, the editor of Creative Knitting, has a very helpful article on blocking with excellent photos in the current newsletter (free!).



It’s Too Darn Hot!

Not original, but definitely the theme song for the week! It’s been in the upper 90’s for way too many days, and got into the 3-digit range today – ugh!

In spite of the heat, we’ve had construction activity, which is encouraging. They poured the basement walkout this week, and now we’re waiting for the beams for the new floor.

Amber figured out where the warm air comes out of the dishwasher and likes to lie next to it. The little bunny has been hanging out around the back porch – so far I’ve been able to keep Toby away from him, but I do wish he’d keep a safer distance!

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activityWhile this isn’t the most decorative yard ornament ever, it’s a welcome sight because it means there’s actual construction progress being made ๐Ÿ™‚ The incessant rain has been replaced with a heat waveโ€”high 90’s all week, which makes me very thankful that my work is done inside. The guys have been here the past 2 mornings, doing some of the dirt work that was stalled by the rain. We’re hoping for actual building soon.

In spite of the heat, there are flowers and green things growing. These are a few samples. Around the yard.


You just never know …

what you’ll see at Ted Drewes Frozen Custard on a Saturday! Usually it’s limos and wedding parties, but today they were shooting a commercial for a local bank. The nice young man who got stuck directing traffic in the parking lot said they’d been shooting for a good chunk of the day, and he had a sunburned nose to prove it. It was well up in the 90’s and muggyโ€”it’s hard to imagine standing around all day on an asphalt parking lot, but there they were. If you’ve ever watched TV in St. Louis, you may recognize the tall guy in the suit, as he’s been doing commercials here for quite a while, usually slightly off-beat and funny.ย  They did one take with him and the gal in green, then brought her the little box she’s standing on and did it again – he’s quite tall ๐Ÿ˜‰

I spotted the little frog the other day and realized he hadn’t absorbed all of his tadpole tail yet.


Home …

My trip to Columbus on Thursday was way longer than planned – due, we heard, to not just 1 but 2 storms in Texas that shut the airport down, so absolutely everything (at least on Southwest Air) was running mega-late. I spent a lot of time in both the St. Louis and Chicago/Midway airports; instead of getting to Columbus at 4:20pm, I finally made it to bed at 2am. On the other hand, I met really interesting fiber folks in both places, so it was much better than it might have been, and the trip home was pretty much on time.

Friday morning, my roommate and I took a spinning class with Beth Smith – Amy King was there and I got a signed copy of Spin Control, which I’m looking forward to reading and applying. We sampled a variety of wools, wool-blends, silks, had a great time, and came home with plenty of fibers to play with. The only downside is that my bag of fibers went to Wisconsin in my roommate’s luggage, and I’ll have to wait until Knitting Camp to retrieve it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

In spite of the rough start, everything went well, I got some ideas, had a couple of good meetings and saw a lot of really gorgeous yarns. The neatest thing was when I visited Angel’s Kiss Alpaca Yarns booth (my alpaca yarn swatch for the show), one of the ladies had knitted Fade to Gray from Knitter’s in their yarn and it was displayed in the booth (apologies for the not-very-good phone shot!).

Fade to Gray ... errr Blue

Fade to Gray ... errr Blue


More …

More rain, that is. It keeps on raining just often enough to keep the construction project completely shut down, as the next stage involves more dirt work – sheesh! (/whine)

On a cheerier note, I liked the colors of the heuchera (coral bells), geranium and Japanese painted fern together. Maybe there’s a colorway there?

I’m heading to the trade show (TNNA) in Columbus later this week – lots of friends and yarn fondling ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚


Raindrops …

This Solomon’s Seal is a volunteer that came up by the corner of the house. I loved the way the raindrops beaded up on the leaves, and it has very attractive flowers, which will give way to dark blue berries later in the year.

Lots of knitting, almost entirely for an uncomfortably close deadline. It’s mostly cabling, so the one piece that’s plain stockinette stitch is actually a welcome break ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know I’m more likely to complain about bad service than talk about a good experience, but we just had a very pleasant surprise with our nearly 10-year-old computer chairs from Steelcase. The gas cylinders that control the seat height had both failed, and we expected to have to pay to replace them. Turns out that they’re still under warranty, so all we had to do was drop them off to the distributor in St. Louis,ย  go eat lunch, then come back and pick them up – wow!


Some thyme …

There was a definite wiggle in the patch of thyme – the cause turned out to be this small toad who was hanging around the back porch. He’s a very welcome addition to the local bug patrol, but I do hope he doesn’t run into the speckled king snake who’s lived under there in the past!

I saw several dragonflies around this evening – this one was more cooperative than the blue-bodied ones that kept moving too fast for a photo.

Since there was a nice bone left from the ham we had when the kids were here last week, I made a big pot of black bean soup (shown with rice, chopped onion, cilantro and sour cream) more or less following the recipe from Daisy Cooks! I may have made just a wee bit too much ๐Ÿ˜‰ so will be putting several containers into the freezer for future meals.